From Museum to Bohemia

A Trip to the Museum…

A few days ago Dani’s mum thought it would be a good idea to take him to a museum. It was not.

When faced between a choice of (say) playing with Lego or visiting an archaeological museum which do you think a four year old boy would prefer? Yes that’s correct. The Lego (or anything similar) wins every time. I have to admit it was a close-run thing for myself. But we both, somewhat reluctantly, agreed to give the museum a try.

Unsurprisingly Dani was soon bored. There is only so much looking at old artefacts that a child of that age can stand. It was too much for him. The (supposed) highlight and reason for the visit was a replica of the famous prehistoric cave paintings at the Caves of Altamira in Cantabria. The museum had built a small section of the caves with a large mirror placed below so you don’t have to strain your neck looking up. All I can say is that it was OK. Dani did not hesitate when asked whether he liked it by the lady at the exit whether he liked it. “It was boring” he replied.

The real caves….

I tried to visit the real caves about 20 years ago. I only found out that they had restrictions on visitors when I arrived. The caves have been closed to the public a couple of times since the 1970s when it was thought that carbon dioxide water vapour exhaled by the large numbers of visitors was causing mould to grow on the paintings. The caves had been reopened in 1982 but with limited access and closed again in 2002. Very few visitors were allowed in per day, resulting in a three-year waiting list. I was only passing through the area so was not prepared to wait that long. It seems they are now of a different opinion and think the conditions are now far more stable. The caves were reopened to the public in 2010.

A final word on the museum: In fairness, I did find the section about the history of money interesting; as did Dani. He also enjoyed the Egyptian mummies.

Marbella via Los Romanes…

This endless summer rolls on. I am beginning to understand why so many parents – especially the stay at home parents – are so glad when the kids have to go back to school.

Then some respite. Holiday time. Dani’s mum is free to relieve me of the full-time child minding. And so off to the little village of Los Romanes for a weekend. As luck would have it this was Feria weekend in the village and there was lots to keep Dani amused. Including a rock concert arranged by a local bar owner named Paco. Four (relatively) local bands played for Paco’s festival which he used to promote his own craft beers (cervezas artesanales) conveniently named Cervezas Romanes.

As always with these things the weekend passed by all too quickly but this was only the beginning. We headed off for Marbella to spend time with Dani’s grandmother (again). It’s hot and he is a full-time job. Fortunately I now get a break.

Scaramouche Scaramouche will you do the fandango…

I used to like some of the songs by Queen. I still do. They are just wearing a bit thin now as Dani can spend hours singing them. He has really taken to their music and I have no real explanation for it. I am not Queen’s biggest fan but obviously have some of their music. A friend told me recently that Queen’s Greatest Hits is the best-selling album of all time. I can believe it. Dani would agree too as he knows every song on it. Not only that. He knows other songs by other groups but Queen is the go to band.

For those interested in Queen songs here is their most famous song. A simple unaccompanied vocal rendition by a four-year-old boy. I think he has the full and correct song here…

Great fun I am sure you will agree but trust me; after the fifth time…


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