Birthday Bash

Fifth birthday party in the mad house….

Dani had an eventful birthday party in one of the many animal houses in Madrid. Let them loose in the caged and padded area and leave them to it. Well, you can do. I prefer to keep an eye on things from time to time. You never know when something will happen. After an hour of non-stop calorie burning it was time for a top up. Pizza, hot dog or burger with some unhealthy side-snacks. It was almost impossible to keep them from running back in to the play area. In fact they had to be dragged back out for the cake and happy birthday song. And of course for Dani to open his presents. Then they were gone again.

The Fight

Soon after the calorie fix (and for some a sugar burst Coke fix) a little fight broke out. Some of the mothers were immediately concerned. The ones who had little boys. The mothers of the girls seemed like they couldn’t care less. I knew something was up when I saw that Dani had noticed something and scampered up to the top of the monkey house in double quick time. There was a stand off and Carlos (twice the size of the rest of them) was looking particularly angry as he confronted Yago (one of the few smaller than Dani). Not that little Yago was worried. Fair play, he stood up to him. He had just punched Jaime in the mouth and he was crying (Jaime that is). Carlos’s mum shouted up at them and amazingly managed to get the three of them to come down to ground level and out of the cage. After a short lecture all three did the right thing and patched up their differences. Whatever they may have been. It was all forgotten in a three-way handshake.

Who knows how and why it started? Who cares? It was ancient history within a minute.

Grudge Free Existance…

Isn’t it great at that age. No grudges. At what age do people start harbouring resentment and bitterness. It is an odd thing. Easy going, quick to forget kids just get on with life. Adults carry all sorts of baggage around with them. It can be bloody heavy. Why do they do it when kids do not? I think that remains one of life’s mysteries.

The day of his actual birthday was the Monday. I had to fly early in the morning. It is hard enough any Monday I have to return to work. This one was even more difficult. At least I had been there to see him celebrate with his class-mates.

There will be another party soon. When he flies over to the UK to see his family there.

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