Cheap Entertainment

Back to reality.

After a week of work it was back to reality. Well that may be stretching it a bit! Watching things on TV and playing video games with a five-year-old may not count. But for me it is just great.

Take the TV show WWE Raw aka ‘Wrestle Mania’ for example. There are several things you could say about it immediately:
It has to be taken with a pinch of salt.
It is pure entertainment masquerading as “sport”.
It encourages kids to try dangerous things.

Let’s take the first two points in the above examples. Yes. Obviously, both are correct.

As for the third point; Dani did not need telling. He said it before the TV show did. “You must not try this at home or school”. They have a slot (or two) in the shows when they actually tell the viewers that the wrestlers are paid entertainers. Trained athletes who suffer great pain for their trade. They cannot be accused of taking themselves seriously.

Table Match Anyone?

All that aside the show was great this weekend. It included something called a ‘Table Match’. It certainly got Dani bouncing about excitedly. That one didn’t take much explaining to the kid. Basically, the winner must smash his opponent through a table. Breaking the table in two in the process. Simple right?

You can say what you want about this “sport” – and I certainly laugh at it – but they really are fantastic athletes. They display incredible strength, fitness and agility. In most cases anyway.

Above all it’s hilarious. Now that’s what I call real.

80s Arcade Games

Now I was never a big fan of arcade video games. Or “gaming” as the hip kids call it now. And not just kids. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Once the kids are hooked it is hard to get them away from the screen. And they stay there as adults.

I received a small, retro arcade game for Christmas and we had almost forgotten about it. Not so Dani. He just found it and insisted we play it. I found some batteries and off we went – largely into the unknown. These were pure 80s retro games. 8-bit technology graphics and similar daft sound effects.

Needless to say we were both useless. Dani because of his age and me? Well because I just never really played these things. So, it was just a good laugh. Until that is, I thrashed him at one particular game. Then he didn’t want to play or even talk to me. A huge sulk followed. Bad loser? I wonder where he gets that from?

On a more serious note though I do worry about the amount of “screen time” (as they now call it) that he is getting. I have heard a few pros and cons on that subject and need to write a post on that in the near future.

It’s a kind of magic…

Then – again out of the blue – Dani found one of his Christmas presents. A small green plastic soldier attached to a parachute. We can all remember those right? He insisted on going downstairs to watch it fall and then try to catch it. Meanwhile I was to throw it off the balcony. We live in a 3rd floor apartment – I am not sure I have ever mentioned that.

So Dani went downstairs and out of the sky flew this toy paratrooper. He caught it and was so pleased with himself. Now all was well with the world and he was my friend again. As if by magic…

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