LEGO Review – Hidden Side Haunted Highschool

LEGO Set number 70425 – Hidden Side; Haunted Highschool

The Hidden Side Lego theme is set in the quiet town of Newbury. Presumably not the Berkshire town in England. The sets are based on the adventures of teen vloggers and intrepid ghost-hunters Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson as they uncover a hidden world of ghouls and spooky events in Newbury. Other characters include Paola, Professor J.B., Elton Douglas. and Spencer the ghost dog.

The sets in this series are also supposed to tie in with something called a “Reality App”. Although it is not clear how the use of the word ‘reality’ has been manipulated here…

Animated TV series

The animated TV series of Hidden Side is expected to hit the screens early in 2020, months later than originally planned apparently and thereby missing out on this year’s Christmas rush. All that should not matter however. If previous Lego series such as Ninjago and Nexo Knights are anything to go by then the kids are going to love it. Once the TV series is aired the sets will sell.

The set….

The haunted high school set has several moving, spooky parts and countless little touches like hot dogs, pizza, fruit and even a school trophy cabinet. Meanwhile, the reverse of the house is split into classroom areas with an anatomy class complete with skeleton. There is also a co-ed toilet and school refectory zone.

 The set is aimed at age 9+. However, it is split into nine separate packages and the instruction manual is over 300 pages long. So the process is broken down into very easy to build steps. Dani has just turned six years old and managed to do most of it with only the minimum amount of help from his mum or dad.

Costly but still….

This set is not cheap. At around €125 in Spain and about £110 in the UK this is the biggest and most expensive Hidden Side set. Personally I think it is over-priced but this was a birthday present bought by Dani’s auntie Natalia.

How collectable the sets will become is not so clear at this stage. The haunted high school set being expensive enough will mean that not too many will buy it. My money would go on the ‘Paranormal Intercept School Bus 3000’ – Lego set number 70423. In my experience great Lego vehicles tend to become at least as collectable as the bigger and more expensive buildings. And definitely cheaper.

Plans for the Haunted Highschool

Dani saw that the Hidden Side sets had their own story but he always knew what he wanted that haunted high school building for. This set is destined to be a University for past, present and future Avengers.

Like all kids he enjoys mixing up the different themes. In this case the Marvel superheroes universe with a paranormal ghost series. That’s the beauty of Lego and certainly the kind of child’s mind interaction the Danish constructors have always encouraged.


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