Todo Sobre Mi

Last weekend Dani made a poster for another school project.

Last time his class did it in English, the project was called “This is me.” This time they have been doing it in Spanish and it is called “Todo Sobre Mi.” Literally ‘everything about me’. Well hardly everything for obvious reasons but still. More like whatever they can cram onto a poster and be bothered speaking to their class about.

This time just like the previous project, Dani was the last member of the group to present his work of art and speak to the class. Was it a case of saving the best till the last? Let’s see…

Making the poster

Top of the poster was a photograph he had made himself using one of the features on his camera. An arty little composition of four different facial shots in one photo. It always amazes me how quickly he has managed to self learn all this  latest gadget shit  nonsense stuff.

This time he didn’t include any dislikes. Only things he enjoys. Among these he included some old favorites; Lego (naturally), SuperZings and Star Wars. For his favorite book he put “Greg” – meaning “The diary of a Wimpy Kid” books. He doesn’t actually read those himself. They are perhaps a little too difficult, but I think he is not far off. Right now, he prefers me to read them to him. But he has discovered the movies and has watched those more than a few times.

He added some photos of his sporting activities – swimming, running and chess (is that a sport or a game?). Plus, a couple of fancy dress (disfraces) photos.

Finishing touches

Towards the end of the poster design he was trying to fill the last few spaces while eating another one of his favorite things. Shortbread biscuit. That good old British classic. Who doesn’t love those? While he was making his usual little pile of crumbs on the table, I suggested that he could pick them up using sticky tape and then apply the tape to the poster. Hey presto! Another one of his little preferences captured for posterity. Needless to say, he loved that idea and thought it was hilarious. Fully aware that his classmates would ask him about it.

The last time he did a presentation like this one it was difficult getting any information out of him. That kids secret-school-service thing. This time he was a lot more open and actually talked to me about it. Only after I had asked (several times) however. I think the offering of such information voluntarily could still be another two years away.

Who can tell me? When do they start offering information without being interrogated?

Did his classmates ask him what was that stuck on with transparent tape? Of course they did. And he loved explaining it to them.

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