Bullshit burger feedback

So; some regular readers did respond to my bullshit burger rant the other day. And there were some very good points too. Here is a snapshot of some of it. Well all of it actually…

Top criticism

Several people actually pointed this one out:

If the big fast food chains really want to show how great they are and how much they care for the planet then why don’t they close all of those drive-through restaurants?

What is the point of having veggie burgers (see previous post also of course) if half the clients are going to sit in a queue of cars burning fuel while they wait to place their veggie order?

Why don’t they park up and stand in the building like other people? Forget standing. They can sit  in the bloody places if they want to….the lazy f**kers!

Where are the veggie bars?

Another reader pointed out that if these veggie burgers were so popular, or were going to change things at all, then the big fast foodies would have set up separate veggie/vegan (totally meat-free) restaurants. Then let’s see how well those do. But of course, we know that is never going to happen. The reason is simple and was touched upon in the previous post. Most people simply do not want to eat this crap on a regular basis. Veggie kebab anyone? After a night out drinking… No, I didn’t think so.


So it is clear that the big burger makers (and others of course) don’t really care that much about the environment. They are indeed just virtue signalling. What a surprise eh?

I don’t want kids to miss out on their burgers. The opposite in fact. Kids definitely seem to love these places. While I definitely do not. But I will still take Dani there occasionally – well as little as I can get away with to be honest. But that’s hardly the point here. Especially when his mum already takes him from time to time.


As for burgers in general; I love them as much as my son. I just prefer to go to a smaller, independent restaurants where you can – if you want – watch them make the burgers from a slab of meat. Rather than the mass produced variety.

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