Christmas is coming…

This year, just like the last, Dani will spend Christmas at his nana’s. As you can probably guess Dani still believes in Santa. Why wouldn’t he? He is only six years old. 

Letter to Santa

Fortunately he is easily pleased. Long may that last (fingers crossed). And just to emphasise that point here is his letter to Santa Claus.

What a great kid! If not completely honest. He has not been particularly naughty though. He is just “normal” – whatever that means… Simplicity is everything. What a great little letter. Making Santa’s life so easy too. Not only that he is making mine easy in the bargain. Maybe even making other relatives lives that little bit easier? Who can say?

All I can say is that I have a feeling that Santa will leave him some Lego.  Under the tree and in his stocking at the foot of his bed. At least I hope so. I think he deserves it, don’t you?

A Toast to the Coast

A couple of week ago Dani was down in Torre del Mar. A typical – non too glamorous seaside town built in the 1970s. It is not the best or most famous resort in the south of Spain and it definitely does not have one of the best beaches.  But the local council have made a real effort in recent years. They have updated the main shopping streets and made the beach very kid friendly.

While the beach is hardly going to attract many tourists for the quality of its sand it is a very long playa. They have managed to create compacted path the full length of the beach. It is suitable for walking, running and even cycling. There are plenty of places to stop off and let the kids play. Climbing frames, assault courses and other attractions keep the little ones interesting

They have even designed beach showers based on the town’s lighthouse (faro).  As modelled below by Dani…

So it’s hats off to Torre del Mar for making the most of what they have.

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