Adios 2019 and Hello 2020

2019 comes to an end…

2020 is fast approaching. But let’s rewind just a little. To just before Christmas in fact. The UK held a general election and I predicted (more or less)  hung parliament or at best a small majority for the Tory party. Well I go that one wrong didn’t I? The scale of the Tory victory took more than a few people by surprise. The result means that the UK now has (potentially) five years of Boris (real first name Alexander) Johnson as Prime Minister. I remain unimpressed but it should mean an end to all this Brexit stalling nonsense that has gone on since the 2016 referendum. That is, if Boris’ promises are to be believed. All that can be said right now is ‘we shall see’.

Meanwhile a politician from an extremely left wing party  is about to be made the vice-president of Spain. One Pablo Iglesias the leader of the (in my opinion) almost communist Podemos party. Seriously this lot think that Venezuela is the model for success. Suffice to say that nobody voted for that but that is the way proportional representation voting works kids! The main left wing party PSOE had to do a deal with other parties as the country has been without a government for the majority of 2019. The mind boggles!

Old enough…

But enough of politics. Dani is now old enough to stay awake well into a new year. He says he will not go to bed until 2am – well into the new year.  He is also wise enough to understand the celebrations. Not that new years day means anything particularly of course it is just another day. The previous day’s (or year’s) issues are not suddenly erased as if they have gone away. Far from it. He will understand that in a few years time. For now I am just happy that he is excited by tonight’s celebrations. This year he will celebrate with his Spanish cousins Susana and, for the first time, Roberto.

Into the Roaring Twenties….

We are about to enter the twenties! We will be spending this new year and start of a new decade in the wonder down-under, a.k.a. Australia. After a lot of whispers, ifs and maybes it has become reality all of a sudden and for me at least, in a bit of a rush. I am not prepared for it. But that will soon have to turn around. Focus man, focus….
At least I will be far way from the Brexit farce that has run and run for over three and a half years now. While 2020 is supposed to be the end of this fiasco I fear it will continue beyond. But then so could Dani’s mum’s new job. These projects are notorious for over-running. I should know. I have worked on enough of them.

It is now 20 years since the big millennium new year celebrations that everyone made such a fuss about.  Wow! Twenty years ago. It seems like only a few years ago. I wonder where we will be in another twenty years. If I am still here I will be 75. Dani will be 26 years old and could even have his own family. But right this second he is reading a wrestling magazine – still very much a child…hahaa…

Great for Dani

My first thoughts when this Australia thing reared its head (many months ago) was ‘what a great experience for Dani’. Great for any young child I would have thought. But as always such things are easy to say and need to be put fully to the test.

My second thoughts were not what you may expect. They were; ‘what about me?’. At which point I was stuck. Really. It may seem odd but it really does not excite me at all. Certainly about 20 years ago I would have jumped at the chance. Not so now however. Maybe I really am too old. Is all this old dad stuff more than I thought? Not just a light hearted name tag after all?

I need to get my head around this move now; and fast. It is real and imminent. But I have to admit that it is difficult. That said, you can be sure that I will keep you informed on how this pans out.

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