Australia – Getting Closer

Yesterday, exactly 4 years ago to the day, I resigned from my job. Yesterday I did the same thing with my current job.

Different Reasons
Back in 2016 the main reason was to take a sabbatical year with my then 2 year old son. This was closely followed by the start of this blog. This time it is in preparation for a move to the other side of the world.
Sad though it is to admit, I am at that stage in life where there hardly needs to be a reason for leaving a job. Often the jobs themselves can be enough of a reason. These two big resignations however were both centred around my son.

Anyone who has read the “About” page on this blog (and other blog posts) will know one of the main priorities during that sabbatical was to ensure that Dani improved his command of English. Somewhere close to his mastery of the Spanish language – which he was constantly immersed in. Well that plan more or less worked but Spanish was always going to be his first language.
This latest move however will put him in a totally English speaking environment. This time it is his mum who will have to take extra time to keep him up to speed with her native tongue. At last something made easier for dad! Only joking of course…

New Year Food Binge
Less than a week after eating myself to a stand-still on two consecutive days, I did the same thing. New Year’s Eve night we ate a huge meal at Dani’s Auntie’s house where we welcomed in the new decade. There was so much left over that we did the exact same thing about 18 hours later. I now intend to take it easy on the food. Maybe even try to get up to a relatively high level of fitness before we depart for Oz. “Relatively” being the operative word of course…

Happy New Year
Apologies. I forgot to do this in the previous post so:
Here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year…

The kids toast in the new year. With water of course…

With a magician after the New Year’s magic show.

And here is a taste of things to come. The New Year fireworks on the Sydney waterfront. Courtesy of my friend Chris who has lived there for years…

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