T Minus 10 Days…

T Minus10 Days and counting

We fly to Australia in 10 days. It is all starting to get very real. At least for Dani’s parents. He doesn’t seem to care. Why should he? He is only 6. He his more concerned over the watching the next episode of Ninjago on Netflix. Or playing that bloody dreadful Brawl Stars game on the iPad.

Not sure if Dani is excited or not. He is back in school in Madrid but only for a few more days. He just doesn’t seem to want to talk about it. Is that a bad sign I wonder? Hmm… We will know in just over a week.

Personally I have not been looking forward to it. Just the thought of that long flight is enough for me. Not a fan of flying anyway but a 24 hour journey, not getting hardly any sleep (if at all) followed by the jet lag on arrival? Nah. What is there to look forward to? Then all of a sudden Dani’s mum produces business class seats. Don’t even ask why her company hadn’t already bought business class flights. That’s for another post once we have settled in down-under. The point now is that I can now look forward dot the flights rather than dread them. With all the good food and wine on offer plus lots of movies it seems the lack of sleep thing could still be an issue. It seems that all of those flights down-under over the past year or so produced a lot of airmiles for Dani’s mum. Now they are used up.

More TV Garbage…

Oh noooooo….. Meanwhile another TV programme talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The young royal couple who have been turned into pseudo celebrities since they got married in 2018.

I am sick of hearing about them. I am not a monarchist, but neither am I anti-monarchy. But these two really get on my nerves. It seems that they want to be part of the royal family but be left alone to live their own lives they way they want it.

Yes, they want their cake and eat it. Well, let them eat cake, I say. Oh, hang on a minute. That didn’t end well for another royal family did it?

Aghhh! Whatever. I can’t stand this crap on TV. Go away!.Going to bed.

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