Three Kings – yet again

Three Kings – Donut Blackface?

Here is a quick reminder of the three kings and how they are widely depicted. Melchor, white hair and beard. Gaspar, chestnut/red hair and beard. Finally, Baltasar, dark skinned and black beard.

With all the fuss the media makes when a white person puts on dark make-up this one made me laugh. They refer to it as “blackface” now. When I was young it was called “blacking up”. I am sure it is still called that when done in say the army for night-time operations and the like. Anyway, if you are not in the army it is simply just not done these days.

While we were walking to Dani’s abuelo’s house I noticed this poster in the Dunkin’ Donuts shop window. It made me laugh anyway…

Dunkin’ Reyes (kings). “Blackface” donut? What do you think? I am sure there may be some out there who find this “offensive”. Personally, I couldn’t care less.

Los Reyes Magos – Local Parade

At the weekend we went to see a local three king’s parade. Just as we have done since Dani could walk. A short walk from his abuelo’s house to the main road to wait for the passing show. It was due to start at 17.30. We were still walking up to the main road that the police had closed off to traffic (as they do) to allow the parade to run smoothly at 17.35. We missed it. It actually started on time. Is this a new policy in Spain for 2020?

At about 17.35 and only 20 metres or so to go we should have realised. All the adults with kids were walking back in the opposite direction. We had to improvise. The parade could be seen in the distance. So we decided to go through the gears. Dani and Susana running along with me. Meanwhile little Roberto – completely oblivious to it all was being pushed at speed in his pushchair.

We did manage to catch up with the parade and the kids got to see all three kings on their respective trucks (or whatever they call them). Not the most exciting of activities but it has become an annual event. Mainly as it is followed by a visit to a café or bar to partake in some hot chocolate and churros. Very Spanish.

Dani has grown

But not much. I measured him the other day and he has grown 5 centimetres in about 6 months. I remarked that it was not a lot (as he is still small amongst his school-mates). His mum retorted “how much have you grown in that time?”. I thought about it for a moment and replied: “About the same. Only around my waist.”

Will the sea air cause a growth spurt when we move down-under? Or will the smoke from the bushfires stunt his growth? Haaa…We shall see. Que será será, what will be will be. And as for those fires…. Do not believe everything you see and hear in the media.

Three King’s Day

This is the first Reyes Magos day I have missed and hopefully it will be the last. This rush to sort things out before moving to the other side of the planet means I needed to get back to work today – to work my notice period. This is not a national holiday in the UK (nor most places outside of the Spanish speaking world). No doubt I will be seeing all the new presents he has received in good time. One good thing about today. He was excited enough to want to talk to me – if only to show/tell me what los Reyes have brought him. He definitely takes after his dad for not wanting to spend time on the phone.

Now with the festivities over for another year it is time to get back to planning for the big move…

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