First Day in Sydney

This is our first day in Australia and it has been tiring. We are all feeling the effects of jet-lag now. Dani is flat out. So, before I join him in dreamland here is a quick review of the day…

Year of the Rat

Today was the Chinese new year. We passed through Chinatown and saw some dragon dances. Dani had never seen anything like it before. So naturally he enjoyed it.

This was after opening a bank account where the bank clerks were all Chinese. Then we bought Australian SIM cards for our mobile phones. Everyone in the mobile phone shops were also Chinese.

We walked through Darling Harbour and took a ferry ride under the famous harbour bridge and into Circular Quay. A great view of the famous opera house to boot. From there we walked through the area known as The Rocks and stopped at a pub for some very traditional Australian food. Pizza.

Yeah? Really? Well, it was the toppings that were uniquely Aussie. Salt-water crocodile, Kangaroo and Emu to be precise. All very tasty. Although Dani was not too keen. He likes his pizza simple.


On a more sobering note… There was something on the news today about three confirmed cases in New South Wales. Coronavirus. What an odd name. King of germs? (Corona being Spanish for crown).

I am not total ‘couldn’t care less’ person but I am always wary of things that the media latch onto. In recent years they have tried to scare us with tales f possible swine flu, (bird) avian flu and even monkey flu pandemics. Then there was that Sars thing. Probably others. I just can’t be bothered trying to remember. You name it; there is always something and oddly enough they nearly always seem to originate in China don’t they?

The confirmed cases in NSW are men from China – so we are told. Well, there is no point in trying to avoid it here in Sydney.

Australia Day

Tomorrow is Australia day. Also referred to as ‘Invasion Day’ by the Aboriginal population. But I don’t even want to get into that one. Let’s just see what the day holds. Suffice to say that there will be plenty going on. Culminating in a firework display in the harbour to rival the new year’s eve celebrations. Where will we go to enjoy this national celebration?

Typically Aussie

Meanwhile this made me laugh. It doesn’t get any more stereotypically Aussie than this…

Earlier today we picked up a little folding map and Australia Day guide from an information booth. At the bottom of the folded sheet are a couple of advice sections. One being “Stay Safe”. If English is your first language (or you are familiar enough with the slang) I guarantee it will make you laugh.

Yeah, it means don’t toss your empty drinks bottles and tin cans. But it is definitely written with the other meaning in mind.


2 thoughts on “First Day in Sydney

  1. Good to hear you made it safely. Sounds like your all having fun. Jet-lag is the worst! Can remember arriving in NZ and the kids falling asleep in their dinner they were so tired.
    Hopefully it won’t last too long for you.
    I’m sure Dani will settle quickly and meet lots of new friends when he starts school.
    Have fun….
    Vicki & Jason

    1. Thanks Vicki. Yeah we are going to warn his teacher that he may fall asleep at any time. Although he now seems over the worst. Fingers crossed, it’s his first day of school tomorrow.

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