Australia Day

Well Australia half Day in Dani’s case. This kid was so jet-lagged we were worried he had fallen ill. It was hot and humid and there was no beer on sale. What the hell was going on?

Under the Bridge

We took the trains to Milson’s Point where there was a party (of sorts) under the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge. At least it was in the shade.

There were food and beverage stalls – street food if you will. But where was the bloody beer?

There were plenty of people there. Some set up for the full day with picnic hampers and cooler boxes. It would have been good fun if Dani was not so tired.

And then this happened…

Hello. What’s this? The Smoking Police?

It’s a little early in this adventure to be getting totally pissed off by some Australian idiot but this actually happened, so here goes…

While under the bridge Dani’s mum was approached by some bloke who asked her if she should be smoking. To which I pointed out that we were outside. In the wide open. It took us completely by surprise. So; I had to ask.
“Was it illegal?”.
“No” he responded.
“So, what’s the problem then?” I said – really wanting to tell him to f*#k off.
“Well do you think it is a good thing with all these kids around” he retorted. At this point I should mention that he did not have any kids with him.
“No. It’s your choice but I am just asking you to think about it. I will leave you to make your choice” he continued.

Yeah mate. Go on, walk away!

I should have asked him if he drove a car. Because we have just sold three cars and are now (for the time being at least) car-less. Instead I just said “Yeah leave us alone to decide what to do.”

What a c*#t!

Off he went to queue up for some insanely high sugar content drinks. Great example for the kids that eh? Sorry to repeat myself but; what a C*#T!

Real Wildlife

Anyway, not to be put off by that strange wildlife, we moved over to an exhibition tent where a real-life Crocodile Dundee type was showing the kids some interesting animals. Snakes, scorpions, a stick insect and a few types of lizard. He was a bit like that fella who used to be on TV until he got killed by a stingray while trying to be clever and swim above it.

I can safely say that the kids – and adults – gathered around the one man show definitely learned a few things about some of Australia’s amazing wildlife.

Dani loved it. He got to touch the lizards and had a large stick insect crawl up his arm. Now that’s a great Australia Day for a kid.

The Finale

After grabbing a nice meal in Kirribilli village we could barely keep the boy awake. We had to take the train back to the aparthotel.

By 8pm Dani was totally gone. He is running a temperature and not 100%. Hopefully it is all down to the long journey and the erratic sleep pattern of the past few days. Hopefully he will have a long sleep and tomorrow will be fully recovered and be ‘in the time zone’. So, we missed the firework display but not to worry. There will be more.

On TV there was one of those very long live concert broadcasts from the opera house. Outside of the opera house actually. They dug up (almost literally) some old acts I thought were long gone. The original Seekers for one. Blimey! I can barely remember them. I half expected Rolf Harris to put in an appearance singing ‘Tie me kangaroo down’. But then again…

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