Finding a Place to Live

The first full week of school starts this week for Dani. He will probably be glad to get back to class after an exhausting weekend.


Having done all the usual internet searching online we narrowed it down to seven places to view on Saturday morning. It was a hot and humid one. Although they were all in the same area there was still a lot of legwork involved. It was a hot one – did I mention that already? Poor Dani had to traipse around the streets with us. This is the thing now. We have nobody to leave him with. If we go somewhere he has to come too. At least for the foreseeable future. Only one of the properties was anywhere near what we want but it was all an experience. we may just make an offer on that one.

Hardly my favourite way to spend a weekend but a necessity. Our time in the aparthotel will soon run out. At least we had a little time to check out the Waverley Oval. There was a cricket match about to start so we had a cold drink and watched the first few overs. Dani of course does not know how to play cricket – yet. So there were many questions. A lot! Once we are settled in our new place I will take him to see some more and teach him. They may soon be teaching them cricket in his school.

Cricket at Waverley Oval

.First Visit to the PacificĀ 

Today we visited Bronte Beach. This beach lies a short distance south of the more famous Bondi beach. Waiting for the bus it was clear we made the right choice. Several buses came for Bondi and they were all packed.

Bronte has everything Bondi has but is a lot smaller. We had a swim in the rock pool. These sea filled swimming areas carved into the rocks are all over the New South Wales coast. Most beaches have one for swimmers to do laps. It was cold but refreshing. Then it was down to the beach.

Later in the day it rained. The recent heatwave has broken and there may be more rain to come during the week.

More Pubs…

Meanwhile, I have spotted some more great looking pubs. Architecturally of course. I will be doing the pub round up at a later date.

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