Gym, Super Bowl, Pub

From the Gym to the Super Bowl. Via the Pub…

After dropping Dani at school today I decided to visit some local gyms. It is about time I got into a routine. Fitness routine that is. Or just any routine really.

Along the however I got distracted.

Superbowl – Live.

First, I made the mistake of returning to the apartment. I switched on the TV and the American Football Super Bowl was just about to start. So, I started watching. Always a bad move that sort of thing…

I am not a fan of American Football but have given it a passing interest over the years. This was of course the climax of the season and one of the most famous events in the sporting calendar. Even if it is only played in one country – the USA. Anyone in the UK close to my age will know the name William Perry – aka ‘The Fridge. This was form way back, when the game was brought to British TV by the then newly launched Channel 4.

It seemed weird to be watching it live at a sensible time of day. Those who love the sport in Europe need to stay up all Sunday night and well into Monday morning. Then have to work. As it turned out I soon got bored with it. So off I went to check out he gyms in the area. I visited several and made some sort of plans to return for free trials. One or two I wanted to see were closed; only being open at peak times. Because I had been watching the American Football I had missed the staffed times. Ah well; maybe tomorrow.

The Nelson

On my route I passed a classic art deco pub called The Nelson. The sun was shining and I had walked a fair bit so it would have been rude not to try a beer there. In I went.

As it turned out the Super Bowl match was still on. I had forgotten that even though they only play 60 minutes the whole thing goes n for several hours due to all the stoppages and advertising breaks.

So, I watched it to the end. Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Fransisco 49ers. As I have said I am no big fan nor am I an expert but that Kansas quarter-back is definitely real class. Only 24 years old too! 


The idea of a sea fishing trip out in the Pacific sounds great to me. I have been thinking of looking for such a trip. Maybe this is the one. The Nelson Pub fishing trip? Tempting eh? when you read the poster. The only problem is that it happens on a Sunday when I want to spend time with my boy. Maybe I can convince his mum that we could both go? Would I be the one to win that third prize?

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