House-hunting, Eurovision, Another Great Pub and Pigs

What has house-hunting got in common with Eurovision? (That’s that European song contest in case you didn’t know). Or pigs for that matter? Well, nothing really only an extremely tenuous link… Our Saturday.

This Day in Australia…

Last night saw the live competition to be Australian representative in this years’ Eurovision song contest. I know. Me neither. But they had a full night long show for it on one of the TV channels.

Australia have been in Eurovision for some years now and I have no idea why. Since when was Australia in Europe? I know there are many others like Turkey, Israel and Azerbaijan (to name three) also in Eurovision but come on! Australia could hardly be further away! Not sure why they were ever invited to partake but I don’t really care. Suffice to say that I did NOT watch it nor will I watch the full contest.

Good old Abba

I have not watched Eurovision for more years than I care to remember. That said I am old enough to remember Sir Cliff Richard and Lulu representing the UK. And yes. I can remember watching the famous ABBA win it in 1974. I was not quite ten years old. They did OK after that I seem to recall.

Aussie TV?

Before we came over here I was told that Australian TV was worse than in the UK. Sounds like a race to the bottom of the barrel to me.
Anyway to my surprise I have seen some interesting TV programmes since I have been here. Admittedly they are mainly things like documentaries about Australian history or informative travel programmes showing places to visit like Queensland and Tasmania. It will all catch up with me in the near future I am sure. The novelty will wear off.

Meanwhile More Rain

It rained again today. Heavily. And as predicted we got caught up in the storms while flitting from place to place looking at properties.

Seven apartments inspected. $200 in taxi fares. 12 files uploaded. 4 house applications made and all of them are just about OK. Not exactly what we want. Tiring stuff. OK; I have to admit that Dani’s mum is doing most of the application form stuff. Still tiring for me and Dani though.

But then we came to rest in this pub. A classic old boozer in the heart of Bondi Junction. They even had the good sense to build the (relatively new) shopping centre around it. In the UK they would have probably knocked it down.

They have split this place up into two separate businesses. Downstairs is the old pub complete with the original oval bar in the centre. Plus interesting pop-art on the walls. Epic! Upstairs has been converted into a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar ‘El Topo’. A great place to take a break if you get fed up in the shopping centre…. Which by my reckoning should take about 40 minutes or so.


A short time later we found a great shop selling games. Mostly board games. All sorts, old and new. Dani decided he wanted something – as kids do – and this was it.

A few beers have been drunk playing this one in the past…

This  brings back memories for his old dad. Of long boozy coach trips with mates to see the Le Mans 24 hour race. It made for a fun change from the usual card games.

And today(Sunday)? The weather is worse than the previous two days. This would be bad even for the UK !! House bound on Dani’s mum’s birthday.

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