Aussie Show and Tell

We just received an email from the mother of one of the kids in Dani’s class. She is the “class parent” this year. Well…I wasn’t quite expecting that one but OK. I will run with it…

Anyway. She included a timetable for all the kids in the class to do their ‘Show and Tell’. Dani has just over a week to prepare his Aussie Show and Tell… Not that he seems bothered.

Show and Tell

Here is the remit: “Research a famous Australian (artist, author, scientist, singer). Present some interesting facts to the class about this person. You can use photos, posters, or props for this presentation.”

Naturally I suggested Rolf Harris. He is all of those things – well almost.

Artist? “Can you tell what it is yet?” Of course. A very well-known artist.
Author? Yes. He has loads of books to his name.
Singer? Well, if ‘Tie me kangaroo down sport’ and – dare I say it – ‘Two little boys’ count as singing the YES, he is also a famous singer.

The least said about his version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ though, the better. I am still having nightmares about that one. As much as I have tried to erase that cover version from my memory, I have read that it got to number 7 in the UK charts. Oh no! (head in hands). How mad is that?

Dani’s mum didn’t know who I was talking about; so, I had to explain. In full! So that was the end of that idea then.

Back to the drawing board then.

Other suggestions were: Actors Eric Bana (once of Hulk fame) or Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) or Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine). There’s a theme there eh?

Alternatively, there is rock legend Angus Young (of AC/DC, as if you didn’t know).

A couple of other famous Aussies are the motoGP stars Casey Stoner and Mick Doohan.

Can you suggest any others? If you have any suggestions please send them to the comments section on the website.

5 thoughts on “Aussie Show and Tell

  1. Hi Guys
    Hope your well?
    Help with Danni’s research suggestions..
    Kylie Minogue, Paul Logan(crocodile Dundee), Nicole Kidman, Olivia Newton john,
    Delta Goodrem. Guy Pearce…
    Have fun choosing one of them. Look forward to hearing how you get on.
    Vicki & Jason

  2. What about Russel Crowe? He’s actually a New Zealand citizen but he spent most of his life in Australia. Also, his Grandad is from Wrexham, your hometown. He used to run Crowefruit by the train station.

    1. Thanks for the tip Martin. A few people have mentioned him too. I also always thought he was a New Zealander. I can’t see what’s wrong with Rolf Harris. Hahaa… He was even mentioned in a book about the history of Australia that I was browsing through in the local library yesterday. I think Dani wants to go with Thor though. Aka Chris Hemsworth

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