Coronavirus Update from Oz

Where to start; with the non-stop nonsense on this virus merry-go-round.

The bloody A-holes cancelled Dani’s school trip today. His year was supposed to be going to a place called The Old School Museum.. One of those old classroom set-ups where the get the kids to use dip in ink pens and slate writing boards etc… Apparently the (real) school opposite had a child who had contracted the virus and the school had been shutdown. In that classic risk averse way of the world these days, the school erred on the side of (super) caution and cancelled the trip. Yes I suppose it’s ‘better to be safe than sorry’ but this is more like the panic buying knee-jerk reaction than practicality.

Several other schools have been closing – it seems at a rate of a few per day now. Not long before the domino effect kicks in and they all close.

Supermarket Sweep…

Also today I managed to buy some toilet roll. Not sure how I did it but I asked at the check-out till. “How do I get my one pack of rationed toilet rolls?”  The woman working there said “Oh I have some here do you want it? A lady had two but you can only take one…” etc etc… I took them but that was not really what I wanted to know. She had slightly misunderstood. Still I can relax and enjoy going to the toilet a little more now eh? And I didn’t have to fight anyone to get them.

The dried pasta has dried up. As far as the shelves are concerned. More supermarket signs telling customers that stocks have been depleted etc… The rice and porridge oats (two other items I have been keeping an eye on) are dangerously low. Babies disposable nappies also. At this rate they will have to ration everything soon. Long Life (UHT) milk will be next I think. People are really crazy. Stupid even.

I might just get the biggest trolley they have and fill it with one item. Anything. Just to see if people start following my lead. Anyone got any idea what I could start the panic buying of?

Meanwhile F1 Weekend is here…

All this garbage hasn’t stopped the Ferrari Formula One team flying into the country from Italy however. Just as I predicted. Money talks eh? Italians are not being allowed to leave their region or in some cases towns without a special permit yet these fat cat crap car racing fools fly to Australia as if nothing is happening in their own country. If I was an Italian in ‘lock-down’ I would have something to say about that.

Sports Wins. For now… 

How inconsiderate can this virus be? It comes at a time when the two biggest sports in Oz are about to launch their new seasons. That’s Aussie Rules Football and Rugby League. The government and other such leaders have been playing down the virus for weeks knowing full well the season was about to start. “Yeah, you can keep on going to sporting events” they tell us. Well I agree, but that’s not the point. When will they be telling us the opposite? That’s what  I want to know. That said we are supposed to be going to watch Sydney Swans (Aussie rules football) in action at the Sydney Cricket Ground in just over a week. Will spectators be allowed i by then? There is an old saying that a week is a long time in politics. Well for this virus crap a week is like a decade. Anything can develop.

More panic buying

Finally, and in the news… It seems that people have been panic buying wine with their toilet rolls in some parts of the country. So much for essentials eh! I can only think that they plan on getting totally shit-faced and expect to fall asleep and shit themselves. Then when they wake up from their stupor they can use the tons of toilet paper to clean themselves. Planning of sorts I suppose…

More later…

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