Coronavirus Fun – Well, Why Not?

I have decided to do a regular daily update on the crazy antics of supermarket shoppers here in Sydney. Naturally most of this is that good old British trait ‘gallows humour’ but what the hell… Why not right? If we give in to mass hysteria the outcome will be much worse than this flu virus doing the rounds.

Supermarket Watch

Coles and Woolworths (aka Woolies) are the two big supermarket players. These are the battle fields where the toilet roll war will be won or lost. Incidentally today must be another in the temporary cease-fire. There are no battles to report.

Coles had no toilet rolls but did have a shelving section fairly well stacked with kitchen roll. Oddly though there were no takers. I saw people pick it up and study it as if they had never seen the bloody stuff before. Only to put it back on the shelves. Seriously! Are these idiots for real?

Meanwhile the rice depletion has eased as has the mystery of the vanishing pasta. Sadly, the porridge oats are still in short supply. One other thing has been added to the watch list. Eggs. Yeah; I thought that a bit crazy too. Unless you have a massive fridge, what is the point of stockpiling loads of eggs? Stocks are low and the management have put signs up asking people to be patient. Other than that everything seemed normal.

Woolies still have no toilet rolls either only a half (or less) stacked shelf of kitchen roll. Again nobody seems to want to buy them when they are in fact pretty much the same thing. What the f*#k!. Woolies, overall, seems to be less affected at the moment; but the porridge has gone. Yikes! My ‘go to’ breakfast as well. Must keep an eye out and re-stock when I can.

Come on folks. You can still wipe your arse with these things.

Coronavirus anagrams.

Here’s a little fun playing with the letters. These are the best three I could come up with…

Carnivorous – great one because this kind of explains what people are doing to themselves. Eating themselves up inside with fear hysteria and panic.

Racoon virus – We have had bird flu, swine flu, now it’s the turn of those pesky little raccoons. OK one “c” missing but hey. That Rocky Raccoon didn’t think straight and took desperate measures. It was his undoing until he (kind of) ‘saw the light’ (as they say) and saw the flaws in his own actions. The Beatles saw this coming (reference to White Album track).

Saviour Corn. This could be what I have been looking for. I will fill a large trolley with tinned corn. It is the miracle cure. The antidote. The next big panic buy.

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