A Few Moments of Clarity

Things are changing rapidly here in Australia and elsewhere. The UK is now on full lock-down. The useless politicians have complete control over our lives, and it is that sad fact that is pissing me off – not any corona/flu virus. How the hell did that happen? It’s a question everyone should be asking themselves.

Here are a few snippets all related to this mad “crisis”. Some you may not have even heard about…and may surprise you.

Borders? What Borders?

The Australian Government is rapidly shutting down any place where people might meet. Yet doing very little to protect the borders. They have had three months to do it properly. Tinkered a little at the end of January then did nothing. Only now – supposedly – have they stopped entry of non-Australians. That still does not mean they have stopped flights entering from places like China, however. Because they haven’t! Truly unreal.

They have even been allowing cruise ships to dock in Sydney city centre and unload thousands of passengers when the ships have had known cases of the virus on board. You couldn’t make this shit up even on some hallucinogenic drug.

And yet… Individual states are apparently closing their borders. To each other! So, assuming we will still be allowed to drive in the coming weeks, how the hell are we supposed to go to Queensland? It is now that crazy. Will they have roadblocks at the state borders? I guess so. It is almost tempting to just drive up to find out. Although it is about a 10-hour drive so maybe not…

The Vanishing Baby Formula

How about this one for something that you could never make up? Organised groups of Chinese people (gangs would probably be a better word) are buying up all the baby formula in supermarkets. It turns out that this has been going on for the past 24 months. Long before this coronavirus shit hit the fan, supermarkets and pharmacies had imposed a one pack per person limit for baby formula. TWENTY FOUR months ago! Yet they are still at it. Teams doing laps. Going in, one after another, buying one then doing it all over again. This two-year-old limit was introduced after it was found that all the baby formula was being sent over to China. Seriously! And recent events have shown that this is still going on. While Aussies are struggling to buy baby formula, pallet loads are still being flown out to China. Sky news even ran an article on it recently. The bastards have been stock piling Australian made baby formula for two years. Did they know what was coming? Why can’t they make their own? It is all more than just weird or a bizarre coincidence. This is real and it is downright spooky.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Among all the scare stories are the ever-increasing counts. The numbers known to be infected and the numbers who have died. By country and overall (global) totals. The media seem to be in their element. But be careful what you read and what you believe. On the one hand they want you to believe that this epidemic is both more deadly and far more contagious than the usual flu outbreaks. So, the numbers killed come out at 3 to 5% rather than say 1 or 2% for ‘normal’ flu. (The exact numbers are not the point here.) But the figures do not show that it is highly contagious as not so many seem to have contracted it. Then they say, ‘Ah but a lot of people are probably catching it and do not even know they have had it.’ If that is the case, then the overall death rate would have to be a lot less than they currently claim. More like the usual flu level of 1%. The point is folks, that with the figures they are posting, it cannot be both highly contagious and deadly. The (simple) maths just does not add up.

Lock-downs. The new political trend.

So, the UK is now on full lock-down. I wonder how long it will last, given that there are large sectors of UK society who just will not behave themselves. I give it 3 weeks maximum before there is wide-spread civil disobedience or disorder. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens. And in case you were wondering, while you are imprisoned in your own home: Yes, flights are still arriving into the UK from China, Iran (Tehran) and Northern Italy – the top  three hot-spots. Isn’t that nice?

Places like Italy are now into their second month and Spain almost completing a month of lock-down. Nightmare! In the UK you are only allowed out for exercise ONE time a day. How will they monitor that one then? Search me. But I would recommend going out as often as you like but always, always wearing a track suit and training shoes. That way if you see a police car just start jogging. They will think you are doing your one-time daily run.

Flattening the Contagion Curve?

That’s a phrase you hear a lot right now. Who thought that one up? Some real bullshitter that’s for sure. But it is certainly being widely used.

Another way of putting it could be ‘prolonging the pain’. Because this is what happens when you ‘flatten the contagion curve’. It is six of one, half a dozen of the other of course. Neither is ideal. The old way of dealing with these things used to be ride it out and get it over with as soon as possible. That’s why they used to hold measles parties back in the day. Just get it over and done with and all the kids in the street could carry on with their lives. That said I am sure some must have died. I wonder if there are any statistics on that?

These days, as in all walks of life, the rule seems to be to err on the side of caution. So, this flattened curve means lower numbers of infected over a longer period rather than one huge peak or spike. What it really means is that the whole things will last a fair bit longer. Meaning more lock-down time for one and all. Not good is it?

And so…Lock-downs all around

Any day now Australia will be on full lock-down. It seems to be the domino effect in play. So, let’s just get it done and then back to normal. But can things ever be the same again after this? It is hard to see how they can be. In the very near future, we are going to look back on this panic-demic and wonder how the hell it all got so out of hand. And how we allowed these politicians – most of whom could not even run a bath, never mind a country – to let it get so far.

How is this for ‘clarity’?

The NSW Premier – a Mrs. Gladys Berejiklian (I call her Mrs. Berk for short as it is easier and more meaningful) said this yesterday: “We urge parents to keep their children at home to contain the spread of the virus but schools would remain open.”

How ambiguous a message is it possible to send out? Who is this bloody hopeless woman? and who voted for her? are also very important questions.

In the meantime, please be careful and remember; do not believe everything you see and read in the media. Because most of it will be crap. And the rest they just won’t be telling you about.

In fact, stop watching the news altogether and read a good book (or two). Not having the time is no longer an excuse…

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