A Quick History Lesson

The Second World War

As we head into uncharted territory with multiple lock-downs across the globe, I had a little chat with my boy about the Second World War on our way back from school.

Not sure how much he actually took in – probably all of it! But it all started when I mentioned that his Nana’s birthday is approaching and that he must phone her…

It’s Nana’s birthday soon Dani


In a couple of days. Do you know how old she will be?

Yeah. Seventy six.

Well done. Wow, when she was born the Second World War was still going on.

What’s the Second World War?

Well basically it’s the biggest war the planet has ever seen. Lasted about 5 or 6 years.

What happened?

Well basically Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland and France. And a few other places. Then they tried to attack Britain, so we basically kicked their arse.

And what happened to France?

Well they were overrun in about one week. Basically, they surrendered.

And you beat the Germans by yourselves?

Not me personally. Or even your Nana. Well, with a little help from America. And also a bit from Russia.

And were they free after?

Who? France?

Yes. And the other countries.

Yes. After Britain beat the Germans the other countries were free. Although the ones in eastern Europe were not free for another 45 years.

Why not?

Cos Russia turned them into communist basket cases.

(Dani Laughs) When we get home can I play on the iPad?

Yeah. OK.

And that was his first real lesson in mid-20th century European history. Not as interesting as an iPad but hey… It’s a start. Anyway this proves that when it comes to home schooling your dad is the best history teacher you can get. And with total lock-down coming (this Friday I hear in Oz!) Dani could be getting some more fun lessons from me.

I was expecting him to ask about Australia. To which I could have told him that in this part of the world it was the Japanese who were attacking and taking over places. So, the Aussies (again with a little help from America and Russia) kicked their arses. Maybe he will ask later. Then again…

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