It’s Lock-down Time in Oz Folks!

Arrest or House Arrest? That’s the choice…

Either way folks, you are under arrest!

There will be no escape to the country this weekend from what I have heard. They plan to lock us down from Friday. Put us all under house arrest. What did we all do to deserve it? I have no idea. But we cannot be trusted apparently. That said, I have taken a chance and booked a place for the weekend, a few hours drive away. We intend to get out while we can. We shall see…

What can you do?

While this threat of lock-down has been hanging over us like the sword of Damocles, I have been thinking. What can I do before they arrest me? How far can I go? I think in the interest of historical research I should at least make an effort to find out.

What will you say in the near future when your kids ask you; “What did you do in the totalitarian coronavirus lock-down dad?” (Obviously only once they are old enough to understand the word ‘totalitarian’.)

I would like to think I can hold my head up high and say: “Well son. It’s like this. Some of us made a stand. Those of us who knew all this was a load of crap just went out for regular walks to relieve the monotony. We did not fear something that we could not even see. We were brave and tried to live as normal a life as we could.”

All of those wise words will be spoken during prison visiting hour of course. Because like it or not the police, the authorities, indeed the whole shower, will clamp down hard on normally law-abiding citizens like myself if we attempt to rock the boat. How dare we show no fear?

It will soon become illegal to be unafraid. Think about that for a moment. Quite scary in itself eh? So much in fact it is frightening me. How ironic!

Remember this…

Just remember that the idiots imposing all this unnecessary pain on us are the same idiots who: (*)

  1. Allowed thousands of tourists on (several) cruise ships to disembark right in the city centre when the ships were known to be infected with this virus.
  2. Gave the grotesquely ambiguous message to worried parents, saying things like: “To clarify (what?) the situation we encourage parents to keep their kids at home, but schools will remain open”.
  3. Waited over two months to stop flights from China. Or so they said! In reality flights are still landing from China and the middle east.
  4. Agreed to pay some two hundred thousand lazy, work-shy people on the dole, $750 each in an effort to prevent the economy stalling. Then (as if that alone was not bad enough) locked them up in their own homes so they could not go out and spend it!
  5. Used taxpayers’ money for a skywriter to use his plane and write “WASH HANDS” in the sky above the city, thereby triggering the panic-buying of hand sanitiser.
  6. Etc…etc…

*  Adjust these points to suit your own country of residence. There will be similar tales in each and every country that has been locked down.

Ask yourself. Do you trust these people? Should you continue to trust them?

Ah well, nowhere to go so back to bed I suppose…

Footnote: (I like to keep these things educational)
The Sword of Damocles:
Damocles worked in the court of king Dionysius II of Syracuse, in 4th-century BC Sicily. He wanted to swap place with the king and enjoy all the luxuries. But Dionysius had made many enemies during his reign, and arranged for a huge sword to be hung above the throne, held only by a single hair of a horse’s tail. This was to show Damocles what it is like to be king. Always having to watch against dangers, like someone trying to assassinate him. Damocles finally asked the king to stop the little experiment because he realized that with great power also comes great danger.
The phrase is widely used to describe any situation where there is a sense of impending doom, especially when the threat is close at hand—regardless of whether you are in a position of power or not.

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