End of Term 1

End of Term 1

There is was. Gone! In no time at all 10 weeks of school has passed.

Dani was the only one of his class who never missed a day – at school. I am sure some others did so their work online form home. But Dani was in the school every day of the term. One or two other kids almost made it but ‘fell off the map’ as Dani himself says. They used to give some sort of prize for that kind of attendance when I was a lad. And usually only one kid ever managed it.

A New Home Schooling

Now there is a new form of schooling that has pretty much been successfully trialled these past few weeks. Home schooling now does not mean teaching the kids yourself (as it would have done when I was in school). Now in this age of internet and online access (and in this particular case ‘Google Meet’) most of Dani’s classmates were following their teacher on a PC screen. Crazy, but effective.

I don’t blame the parents as such. The confusing and ambiguous messages coming from the NSW government did not help. Then there was all the scaremongering, courtesy of the media. Most parents just panicked and kept their kids at home. As far as I am concerned for no apparent reason. But time will tell… Meanwhile, Dani continued to go to school like a good little boy.

The Really Scary Thing…

The real scary part has nothing to do with that “c” word. It’s that ten weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye (seemingly). TEN weeks of school! Where does that time go? The most important thing for me is that Dani has settled in very well and made a lot of new friends.

Now it’s a three-week Easter holiday for the little lad. Three weeks of lock-down, effectively, if we remain in Sydney. Not a good idea. So, we hope to get away to a more remote setting – if we can. I have no idea what new measures the government are planning to bring in this weekend, maybe tonight. Time to check the news…

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