Get to da Choppa!

One of the best things about having a kid of Dani’s age is being able to introduce them to some old classics. Music, films or just lines from films – like this one: “Get to da Choppa!”

Recognise that classic line? It is possibly the best piece of acting never to win an Oscar. Often imitated (by old dads like me) but never bettered. Yes. It’s that line from the one and only Arnie!

Kid, you are gonna love it!

I came out with it the other day walking Dani home from school. A helicopter flew overhead – probably looking for someone out on their second walk of the day – when it just popped into my mind.

“Get to da choppaaa” I shouted, doing a bad Arnie imitation.
“What the hell was that?” said Dani.

Exactly. I had to explain that it was a great line, expertly delivered, from a fantastic film. Also, that he was going to love that film. That great 1987 movie, Predator. He soon became interested as I knew he would. Like all boys (and men) he loves all that kind of crap. Who doesn’t?

Netflix Let-down – Again

Ever since, he asks me if we can find the movie on Netflix. I knew it wasn’t there. Not just because I had searched for it recently, but because pretty much every film I look for on Netflix is not there. Their choice of movies is poor to say the least.

I believe part of the problem is that they give too much space and time to long drawn out series. Some are OK. Occasionally there is a really good series – Breaking Bad being the standard by which they are all now measured – but generally they are just average. And certainly too drawn out with no realistic finale in sight.  Why can’t they put up more classic old movies? Some seem to come and go. It’s almost like a game of ‘watch them while you can’.

I have the movie on DVD but it is packed in a box and stored – in Madrid. Typical.

Has anyone else noticed how bad Netflix really is? Whenever I search for a film I want to see (again) it is never there. Is that just my taste in films or has anyone else discovered the limitations of Netflix? Please let us know what you have searched for and failed to find on Netflix.

Youtube to the rescue?

We looked on youtube, but the full movie is not there. Dani just wanted to see the Predator after I had described it. So, I showed him the scenes available on youtube. Now, as expected, he wants to see the whole movie.

Incidentally Predator 2, made in 1990, is on youtube, in full. That was not a bad sequel.  There have been several others also. All fairy poor and to be frank, pointless. Most importantly, none of them have Arnie and definitely do not have any line to compare with this one…


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