Easter Sunday on the Beach

This Easter Sunday we went to the beach. While national and state governments alike have been preaching to their citizens to not go to the beach, I just thought… Ah. Let’s go to the beach. Because we can.

Collingwood Beach

There were never more than thirty people on the beach at any time while we were there. I more or less counted them (squinting into the distance). More than enough space and certainly not as crowded as the beaches the politicians are worried about.

Collingwood Beach is just over two kilometres long. Although it seems to be called Sailor’s Grave Beach for its northern part, it remains one continuous beach. Picture that. Two kilometres of beach with hardly thirty people spread across its length and breadth. No wonder there is no fuss being made down here.

Dani Auditioning for a new Lord of the Flies movie
Anybody seen my William Golding novel?

Fantastic Location for a House…

Just behind the beach the dunes remain unspoiled and wild. Some ten metres deep. Then there is a public footpath. Well used by walkers, joggers, cyclist as well as skateboarders. It is very popular but not too crowded. There are some great properties on this walk. Like these:

And these…

And the only thing these lovely properties have to look out on are scenes like this…

Or this…

And this…

Or maybe this…


We spent some time watching the cormorants plunge diving to catch fish just off-shore. Surprisingly quite relaxing. The narrow untouched stretch of dunes attracts lots of birds. One or two new species for me. I couldn’t get close enough to take any decent photos though.

And then suddenly a small clearing with one of those old car tyres hanging from a rope. The sort of thing you might see in chimpanzee compound in a zoo. Perfect for Dani.

Breaking the law?

Or just breaking the rules? When is a rule a law? Who cares? Not me. I don’t think those new rules quite apply here. We have to make the most of being in this fantastic location because things will be far more grim back in Sydney. And we should be back there in a week.

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