Dani and the Giant Cheeseboard

Dani and the Giant Cheeseboard? Sounds like the name for a kids’ book doesn’t it? Hmm…Not a bad idea that. But in this case it is just a few things I missed out of previous posts. A mixed collection with links back to the original posts (for those that may have missed them).

Dani and the Giant Cheeseboard

That is actually the title I have given the photo below. I forgot to add the photo to the Hunter Valley trip post. As well as wine tasting you can do a little cheese tasting and even visit cheese factories. There are plenty of shops selling local produce and this was one of them.

Dani and the Giant Chesseboard

Check out the price of that cheeseboard! Almost a thousand dollars! For a piece of wood?! Where would you even use it? As a small table for tea and snacks? Or just to slice up a six year old boy? Nah. As if… As I keep saying, I am doing this blog so that Dani can enjoy it when he is old enough. At the moment he hardly has even a passing interest in what I type. But in the near future he will love looking back on this cheeseboard photo and the whole trip.

Semillon – Discovering a great White wine

Another thing I forgot to mention from that trip was the white wine we discovered. Semillon.
Well not quite ‘discovered ‘ . Most people will have seen and/or tried it before.  Most likely mixed with other grapes; such as Sauvignon-Blanc-Semillon or Chardonnay-Semillon. That never works for me. If anything I think it spoils the classic Sauvignon-Blanc or Chardonnay tastes.

However, on its own semillon makes a fantastic white wine. At least as good as a decent Sauvignon-Blanc. Possibly even as good as my go-to white wine of choice – Albariño (that Spanish classic from Galicia). They grow quite a lot of semillon grapes in Australia. Particularly in this area.  So there are some great bottles of semillon wine to be found.

White as Sugar

Here is a photo I made of the Hymans Beach sand on our first visit to this area.

Sand vs Sugar

Two small piles of similar size. One is of the sand, the other pile of sugar. Can you spot which one is the sand and which is the sugar? It isn’t exactly a trick question nor is it very difficult. But it does show how white the sand is at Hyman’s Beach. Said to be the whitest sand in the world.

Comical Alcohol Purchase Limits

I touched on this in a very recent post and it made me laugh. So on this next visit I took a photograph. Is there really anyone who would even try to exceed these so called ‘limits’? (You may want to zoom in on to have a laugh.)

Australia’s Alcohol Purchase Limits – Hilarious!

Remember this is per transaction. Not necessarily even a daily allowance. If you are very lucky you may be able to buy a single packet of rice or pasta for your family to wash down all this booze…Hahahaa…

And the sand vs sugar?

Oh; and in case you were still wondering… The white sand is the larger of the two piles.

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