Back to Surreality

I was going to call this post ‘Back to Reality’ but I thought this present situation is more surreal than real. Yes ‘surreality’ is a word. Although I admit that I had to look it up to make sure.

I have been dreading this. We drove back to Sydney this weekend. Saturday to be precise. I was expecting it to be like a ghost town after the relatively stress free, no-police-in-sight place we have just been staying.

Return to the Big City

I was expecting to have to sneak back into the city. Conspicuous as one of only a few cars on the road. Like one of those escape movies, but in reverse. Not so much ‘Escape from New York’; more ‘Sneak into Sydney’. It turns out I was wrong. It seemed like a normal day to me. Plenty of traffic and lots of people in the parks we drove past. Odd really. As the official line is that Australia is supposedly doing well in “flattening the curve” (puke) because people are doing what they are told. They are not taking unnecessary journeys by car. They are also not filling the parks. If, that is, you believe the posturing politicians and their media goons. The reality looks quite different and I am glad it does.

In which case we will attempt to have a day in the parks tomorrow. Only because the beaches in this part of town are still closed. The problem could be the weather. We shall see…

Hungry Jacks?

As we entered the suburbs, we stopped for something to eat. There are still plenty of places open but only for take-away service. That does not seem to stop people flocking to them. One such place is Hungry Jacks. This is the face of the Burger King corporation in Australia. Apparently when they made their move into Australia the name ‘Burger King’ had already been trademarked by a burger restaurant in Adelaide. You see, these places can actually be an education.

The one we sopped at was a drive-through and had a long line of cars burning fuel. No unnecessary travel there then… We parked up. Inside was also busy. People practising “social distancing” of course to place their orders. This place must be doing as well as it would if there was no “lock-down”, I thought. Better in fact, as there is now no need to clean the dining areas, because everyone was eating off premises.

Coming Clean…

I have not been near a Burger King since 1998. I remember it well. Too well. I was violently ill after eating some “meal deal” from the Burger King that was located near the top of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. One of those 24-hour vomit and shit fests basically.

Dani loved going to Burger King in Madrid and he knows there is no Burger King in Australia. But he also knows they are called Hungry Jacks. He had been a good little passenger on the drive to and from this holiday break too.

So, I have to admit that we also stopped in a Hungry Jacks on the way to our holiday break two weeks ago. (He deserved it; good lad.) That’s twice in 2 weeks! After 22 years! I have not been ill yet though so… fingers crossed…

It comes to something eh when I am more afraid of eating a burger king “meal” than this coronavirus rubbish.

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