Angry Old Dad does Coronavirus Rant

I know. I did one of these the other day. But I made the mistake of watching a bit of “news” on TV. And boy, it pissed me off!

I was going to file this one under ‘Grumpy Old Dad’ but I think “Angry Old Dad” would be better.

Open the pubs you ©*#%s

A few days ago, I included a short piece on the alcohol limits that have been imposed by ‘the powers that be’. I know; it was funny. That’s why I included it in the blog post (click here for that post). But since then – on TV – we have had to listen to some so called “experts” talking about people drinking in their own homes. Telling us how the government needs to clamp down on alcohol limits. Where the hell do they find these people? Under slimy rocks at the bottom of sewage ponds is my best guess. Why don’t they just feck off and live in China under a proper commie state? That is what they seem to want for us lot.

If they want to stop people drinking at home then they should open the bloody pubs.

Screen Time?

Here’s another one: After years of parents trying to prise their kids away from the bloody TV, iPads and PC screens, what have we got now? Yep! The authorities are now telling them to spend all of their school days hypnotically sat facing a computer screen to do this latest craze – “home schooling”. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Mr. —Cock

While the good people of the UK are being held under house arrest the government are allowing over 100,000 people a week who arrive at UK airports to walk off without any testing or strict quarantine. Truly amazing. When questioned about this the health minister Matt Hancock said it was not a problem. Yes; the health minister! Honest people who just want to get out and continue their work are being taken for mugs. If that doesn’t make you angry then I am sorry, there must be something wrong with you.

And here comes the reality check…

Amongst all the news, fake or otherwise. Amongst all the advice etc… One thing is clear, and this one is irrefutable. Our governments have no idea what they are doing today and even less on what to do tomorrow. I only spend a short time reading or listening to them on TV or internet news but every day it’s the same old shit. Well, almost. Because it actually seems to get worse. They are hopeless. And as for their advisers? I don’t know where to start, but it does lead me into a serious question: How many bloody Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) are there?  Who knew we had so many?

I wonder what they get paid? I bet it’s a lot. Good work if you can get it. Come to think of it, I could do that job. Easily from what I have observed recently. Hmm… what do you think?

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