Bang Bang, The Mighty Fall

Right now there is a song in my head and I can’t stop singing it. The lyrics are.perfect and very appropriate. Here is a small part:

Lord Nel and Lady Hamilton they fought for love,
When he came back from the war he gave her what for love,
The mighty fall when love has called
Bang Bang.

Latest Headlines…

I was going to write a second part to the very curious case of coronavirus – for a patient named Australia. (First part here.) But then this happened…

Imperial College scientist Neil Ferguson QUITS his role as top government advisor after ‘breaking lockdown to see his married lover’ despite warning Boris Johnson that 500,000 Britons would DIE if the strict rules were not enforced. 

That’s right folks. This “professor” (puke!) Neil Ferguson is the very same idiot who is responsible for you all (outside of Oz) being locked down and imprisoned in your own homes. Ferguson is the fool who used his pathetic computer modelling tool to predict that millions were going to die of this bloody glorified flu virus. People of the world get put into lockdown with all sorts of rules about not being able to go to and meet others who are not from your household. But such rules do not apply to him do they? Oh no! People like Ferguson are better than the rest of us. Or so they think…

Now are you awake?!

Let’s not try to gloss over what a complete c*#t this bloke is. His predictions and advice has seen virtually the whole planet locked up. People not even able to visit their loved ones in hospitals. While all the time he was doing what he wanted. Well if there was ever a signal to get out and break the “lockdown” this is surely it! Come on folks! Where is that true grit? that Dunkirk spirit?

I have asked this question before but have to ask again: Are you awake yet?

How the mighty fall eh?

While on that subject here is that song. It was written for slime just like Neil Ferguson. (Well, here is a link to a video of it – Click Here )
This is B.A. Roberston’s 1980 masterpiece, ‘Bang Bang’. Basically a tale of the consequences when men can’t keep it in their pants. The pitfalls of love (or lust) plus a touch of the femme fatale also, I suspect. See and hear for yourself on the link above. 

Oh the irony. You really have to love stories like this one. Let’s hope that he can’t use this ‘resignation’ as an excuse to walk away into the sunset and escape some serious hassle. He deserves to be dragged through the streets.

2 thoughts on “Bang Bang, The Mighty Fall

  1. just found this looking for info on the B.A. Robertson song, but you’re spot on with the covid stuff too

    1. Thanks, So that popped up on an internet search for BA Robertson eh? LOL. Great!
      On the covid thing: I feel any of my comments on covid are being further vindicated with each passing day.

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