Fuel Price Chaos

Here in Australia the price for a litre of petrol (E10) had been lower than at any time for years. It had dropped over the last month from around $1.40 per litre to less that 90 cents. With discounts of 4 cents per litre being offered to regular shoppers you could refuel your car in Sydney for as little as 82 cents in some petrol stations. That is incredibly low and would be about £0.40 in the UK; about 50 Euro cents.

The proof…

We pass a petrol station on our way into school each morning. Here is the same petrol station showing yesterday’s prices and the the cost today. A massive jump of almost 30 cents per litre. An incredible hike in a short space of time. We all know these are supposed to be “difficult times” but hey! That is one huge price rise.

Petrol Price Yesterday
Petrol Price Today

The price yesterday was the lowest since the year 2002 – eighteen years ago! You have to go back to 1992 in the UK to match that low price. That’s 28 years ago. Amazing eh?

What is going on?

The government is about to relax restrictions on in-state travel. This weekend I believe. So they fully expect many people to hit the road and visit family and friends. Also inter-state travel may be lifted. Most western governments make a large chunk of their revenue from car fuel duty. Australia is certainly trying to capitalise with this one.

I guess they have to get some money from somewhere to fund this crazy (coronavirus recovery) spending spree they are about to embark on… And you, dear motorist, are expected to pay your share.

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