LEGO Quiz. Movies and Music.

This coronavirus crap must be really getting to me. I was playing Lego with my son and realised there were some interesting bits and pieces to some of the Lego people. So I decided to make this little quiz. OK, I know. I clearly have too much time on my hands. Like most people these days eh….

LEGO Quiz – Movies

OK, here is a little fun game. We all know Lego already make a lot of sets based on movies, so it is pointless using anything like this one…

Too obvious right? Darth and R2 hanging out. Dani also has a load of superheros and villains so they will not be in this quiz either. Although part of them probably will be. So the quiz below will be made, as close as possible, with the very limited Lego pieces we had available. Get it?

There are 10 movies and 4 bands/singers. See if you can get all 14 correct. Plus right at the end there is a bonus one .

Movies in Lego

First for some films. Can you guess which films these are?

  1. An easy one to begin.

2. This one really was scraping for parts. But probably the most obvious to you all…

3.   OK, some idiot will probably try to say something about this one.

But this really was a classic movie…

4.   This one may be a little more tricky… Not an easy film to show with the parts we have.

So here’s a couple of clues: That purple was as close to the colour I wanted. Plus for the guy at the front it’s more about his hair.

5.  A classic. Say no more…

6. Another very famous movie

7.   Not great but I think you will get it.

8.   Even if you have not seen the film you will probably get this next one…

9.   Not so much a superhero as an anti-hero maybe?…

10. I struggled with this one but definitely wanted to do the movie.

Hair styles as close as I could get with the bits we have. But it is all Lego. Clue: The two characters in the foreground were never in the background scene.

Music – Name the Bands or Singers

Now for a few musical ones. Four groups/bands or solo artists…

  1.  A well known group.

2.   Struggled with this one but had to do it. It needed the clue in the background though…

3.   Name the person or his band…

4.  From a similar era. I thought we had a Lego snake somewhere but I was wrong.

Still he doesn’t always need one…

And a bonus one…

A famous painting…

How did you do?

Please send your answers directly to this blog site by clicking on “LEAVE A COMMENT”, just below the title. Anyone getting them all correct will receive a (virtual) pat on the back. If you did get them all correct, well done!

8 thoughts on “LEGO Quiz. Movies and Music.

  1. I thought film number 4 was the village people until I heard the correct music in my head LOL
    Can’t think what music number 2 is but Stan’s lego lookalike came in handy for number 1

    1. Hi Lynette, Music number 2 should be easy. The clue is that yellow thing in the background. All answers will be published in a later post.

    2. 1. Robocop
      2. The wizard of Oz
      8. El exorcista
      9. Mad Max
      10. Deadpool

      1. ABBA
      2.The Beatles
      3. KISS
      4. Marilynn Manson

      La última cena

      1. Hi Nats
        Good answers. Some are correct. Mad Max? Hahahaaa. And Deadpool? I think that may be because of the red suit but no.
        Also Marilyn Manson was a good guess but not correct. The answers will appear tomorrow.

  2. 8. El exorcista
    2. The Beatles
    3. Kiss

    La última cena

    Please give the answers!!!

    1. Hola Flora, Thanks for taking part. You didn’t have many answers though eh?
      The answers will be published soon in a future post.

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