Mother’s Day Australia

Today was Mother’s Day in Australia. Last weekend it was Mother’s Day in Spain (día de la Madre) and Dani forgot. More to the point, so did I. Dani’s mum never got a card, present or flowers.

Too Many?

The thing is this: I got confused. With all the talk about Mother’s Day coming soon here  in Australia, I just thought that was the only one.

Should we celebrate Mother’s Day twice in one week? I suppose there is an argument for celebrating it every week. Right now we have three dates. The one for UK, one for Spain and now Mother’s day Australia. I would struggle to remember just one, but at least the Aussie day has been advertised enough here. And of course the schools make sure the kids know about it.

Anyway; we came up to this weekend with Dani already having made a card in school. (They weren’t going to make one for last week’s Spanish día de la Madre now were they?) So, all we needed to do was buy a present.

Present Ideas

Trying to get Dani to even think of an idea for a present is hard work. But it can be fun. I finally got him to come up with an idea. Lego !! Yes he came up with that one all by himself. Clever kid eh? So after school on Friday we went to the shops to look for something suitable. Yes you can still buy Lego from certain shops that are still open. Essential items didn’t you know? As essential as toilet rolls anyway.

I had to rack my brains to come up with an alternative as the Lego was ultimately going to be for only one person. And that was not Dani’s mum. Book? Flowers? Erm… hmm…

Actually, it turns out that there are a few Lego sets Dani’s mum would like. This is the one Dani chose for his mum… And this is also how she built it…

Lego Ice-cream Van

He did also give her some chocolates so quite a good boy really…

Mother’s Day in Sydney

With the travel restrictions not quite lifted we stayed in Sydney this weekend – see previous post. So we celebrated Mother’s Day locally. Just like yesterday we explored the coast of the South Head. It was sunnier than yesterday but cooler. This southern hemisphere autumn is taking some getting used to. Anyway, here are some photos from today.

CBD Viewed from Camp Cove Beach
Hornby Lighthouse
Lighthouse View over Harbour Mouth

The Hornby lighthouse is the third oldest in Australia. Not as striking as the Macquarie lighthouse we saw yesterday but the location is better. It lies on the southern tip of the entry into Sydney harbour with some great views.

Lady Bay Beach – very close to the Hornby lighthouse – is one of only five beaches in New South Wales that allows nude bating. Needless to say today was a little too cold. Or was it? We didn’t go down the steps to find out…

Little Lighthouse-Keeper
Beautiful Watsons Bay

More Lego?

For more Lego stay tuned for tomorrow’s Lego Quiz. Movies and pop music made from what little Lego we have here. Not brilliant in some cases but still funny…

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