We Are All in this Together. Really?

There’s a storm. A coronavirus storm. A shit-storm you might say. The politicians keep telling us, “We are all in this together”. Really?

Then let’s get people back to work. Let’s open the bars so people can go to the pub – which should be a human right in places like the UK and Australia!

Easing Restrictions in NSW

In New South Wales this week they are “easing the restrictions”. But this is what they are doing:

Religious gatherings and places of worship can now welcome up to 10 people while restaurants and cafes are allowed to have up to 10 patrons at a time as long as they maintain social distancing.
A total of 10 guests are allowed at weddings and up to 20 people at indoor funerals and up to 30 at outdoor funerals.
Treasurer Dominic Perrottet confirmed this week pubs and clubs will join cafes and restaurants in being able to open for dining from Friday as part of the state government’s push to boost the economy.
The NSW announcement came after the national cabinet recommended excluding pubs and clubs.
Bars and gaming facilities will remain closed but table service for alcohol with a meal will be allowed so long as businesses adhere to social distancing requirements and stick to a limit of 10 patrons.
Takeaway services will continue as before.

Takeaway services eh? If there was ever a way to spread a disease (if it really was rampant) then this would be it. I have mentioned this one before – with reference to ‘Typhoid Mary’ (click here) – but something struck me the other day. Pizzas and pies may be OK. Piping hot out of the oven and not even handled as they are dropped into packaging to take away. But around Sydney there are just as many (maybe more) places selling sushi. Yes sushi! It is hand rolled, uncooked and passed on to the consumer. As far as I could tell none of them have ever closed during this plannedemic.

Workers representatives stopping people working?

Meanwhile back in the UK unions are trying to prevent a return to work for teachers. (And other groups.)

These days Many can do their jobs from home but if their kids are there it really isn’t an option. Working at home with kids in the house is virtually impossible. So why the hell aren’t the schools opening? Why should the unions, who are supposed to stand up for “working” people, be allowed to stop people “working”? Of course these union ‘leaders’ will not be losing a penny in all this shutdown crap. They are alright.

Not only that but the kids need to get back to school for all the obvious reasons. Otherwise why not just shut them forever more? At least in Australia they have tried to do the right thing with the schools.

All in this together?

There has not been a pandemic in Australia. Nor even an epidemic. Now it is (normal) flu season so any deaths will probably be counted as the second coming of the coronavirus. Yet the politicians are loving being in the spotlight. As if they are saving the earth form an alien invasion. Lapping it up while their jobs are safe. Their pensions are guaranteed. Their expenses will still be getting paid. Meanwhile other workers will lose their jobs and many private businesses will close.

We may all be in the same storm, but we are definitely not all in the same boat.

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