Virtual Beggar – A Crazy Video Game

Virtual Beggar? What the f#*k?

Apparently this low resolution video game has been around over a year. Who knew? Not me.  But recently I caught my son playing it. I wasn’t shocked but it is one of those things that at least makes you roll your eyes to the sky. As if to say ‘whatever will they think of next?’

Actually I think it quite funny. But only because I can see through it and clearly can see that it was made by people who clearly knew they were just taking the piss.

It goes something like this…

You play some unshaven street beggar hanging around on the street, outside a motel or whatever.  Passers-by throw money your way and you try to collect as much as possible. When you have enough money (don’t ask for details) you then move on to the next step – Investing your begged money.

You invest in buying hotels etc and then make more money. Then you spend it all. Yes, the aim is to spend it all! Then you need to go back to begging on the street. Hilarious. Right?

It even gives you option to move towns. Presumably when you have exhausted the good nature of the original town’s bleeding heart citizens. Crazy. Have begging bowl, will travel.

The Game

The graphics are deliberately retro. Old fashioned pixelated figures, like that mine-craft rubbish kids seem to love.

The game is advertised as having four simple steps:
Step 1: Make Money (meaning, beg for it on the streets)
Step 2: Invest it.
Step 3: Spend it all (really ALL)
Step 4: Repeat (i.e. go back to begging, because you have spent all your money)

You can even spend some of the money you make begging to buy things like a puppy. Because beggars with a cute little puppy get more money thrown at them. How mad is that? The whole thing turns into a rags to riches story until you spend (waste) all your money on private jets, mansions – you name it – and end up back where you started. Totally insane. You have to laugh; or you would cry.

What do you think?

Frivolous? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Setting a bad example? Yes. It ticks all those wrong boxes but still made me laugh. It is just the crazy fact that you can do almost anything now and it can become popular and make money. Especially where these bloody video games are concerned.

Unsurprisingly, the attraction of this stupid but simple game is easy to see. Dani loves it. But he does realise that it is only a daft game.

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