Dani vs Pacific Ocean: Who wins?

Today is this old dad’s birthday so we went for a quick (half) day trip to the North Shore. Narrabeen Beach to be exact. Our first time in this northern part of Sydney. Very nice I must say.


It was only a quick look at this part of Sydney but we will be back again soon. We did manage to have our first meal inside a restaurant (more like a café) for eight weeks. Eight weeks !!!! Where did that time go?

After seeing the waves from the promenade, Dani insisted on going on the beach even though we didn’t have the right gear. There was no way he was leaving before he had faced the ocean waves. And there were some big ones…


Who would win a fight between Dani and the Pacific Ocean?

Let’s see…

He came up laughing and it certainly made me laugh. Best birthday present ever!

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