Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale from Nomad Brewing Co.

I said in the previous beer post that I like the simple beer can designs, but these beers looked so good I just had to buy them and try them. OK, it was more for the name than anything but still… here goes…

Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale

These beers, made by the Nomad Brewing Company actually tastes great. Refreshing and could be all you need on the beach – apart from your budgy smugglers.  In fact, just as they have advertised it. That is if they allowed you to drink it on the beach (which they don’t – see previous post). Nomad Brewing went into collaboration with a company called ‘Budgy Smuggler’ for this ale. The can designs are all based on real Budgy Smuggler swimwear. Two great companies each making great, seemingly unrelated products, coming together for these fun cans of pale ale. Private enterprise at its best eh?

The Nomad Brewing Company is based near the North Shore Beaches – some of which we visited recently. I may just get in touch and arrange a visit… That attempt to organise a piss-up in a brewery may yet come to fruition.

Budgy or Budgie?

If you are wondering about the spelling? That has its own story too, just check out their website (details below). It is hardly a new name for men’s brief swimming trunks. Not even close. I am sure my old nana (my mum’s mum) used to call then budgie smugglers way back. Probably as far back as the 1960s. I will double check on that…

The Budgy Smuggler company is based in Manly – home to the world famous beach. They have been making those infamous smuggling garments for over fourteen years now. Here are those four budgy smuggler swimming trunks. A snip (pardon the pun) at $55 per smuggler.

Available in the UK – and Everywhere (more or less)

The company even has a sales outlet in the UK so you can buy your genuinely named smugglers in Europe just as easily as here in Australia. Great news for those who may be interested in illegally trafficking that little native Aussie bird (so to speak).

There are so many designs to choose from too. For women and kids as well as men.  Oh, and there are plenty of other products under the same brand name. But I don’t need to go into detail here, just go to their website to find out more…

Website details: https://budgysmuggler.com.au/  and https://budgysmuggleruk.com/ (for UK)

P.S. Do me a favour…

If you place an order please be sure to let them know that you heard about their smugglers from this blog. Who knows? The blokes down at Budgy Smuggler may just offer me a discount. Well you have to try eh?

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