LEGO Movies and Music Quiz – Answers

The Lego Movies and Music quiz was almost three weeks ago. Here are the answers…

How did you do with the Lego made movie and pop band scenes? Below are the answers. Plus, in some cases, a little explanation to the more difficult ones.

Movies in Lego

Here are the answers to the movies questions…

  1. An easy one to begin. ANSWER: Robocop

2. This one really was scraping for parts. ANSWER: The Wizard of Oz

3.   OK, some idiot will probably try to say something about this one.


4.   This one may be a little more tricky… Not an easy film to show with the parts we have.

ANSWER: Reservoir Dogs.

Not an easy one to do with the Lego we had available but it was the colours thing… Mr. Blond, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink (purple!?) and Mr. White.

5.  A classic. Say no more…  ANSWER: Spartacus

6. Another very famous movie. ANSWER: Jaws. (Well sort of)

7.   Not great but I think you will get it. ANSWER: Interview with a Vampire

8.   Even if you have not seen the film you will probably get this next one… ANSWER: The Exorcist.  Easy right?

9.   Not so much a superhero as an anti-hero maybe?… ANSWER: Ghost Rider

10. I struggled with this one but definitely wanted to do the movie.

ANSWER: Pulp Fiction.

‘Deadpool’ was mentioned, probably because of that red suit and mask. However, that thing was the closest I had to make “the Gimp”. That’s the character, Marsellus Wallace bending over in the background by the way. I thought that may have been helpful…

Music – Bands or Singers

Now for the musical ones.  Answers below…

  1.  A well known group. ANSWER: ABBA – easy right?

2.   Struggled with this one but had to do it.  ANSWER: The Beatles (that’s supposed t be a Yellow Submarine by the way)

3.   Name the person or his band… ANSWER: Paul Stanley from the group KISS

4.  From a similar era. I thought we had a Lego snake somewhere but I was wrong.

ANSWER: Alice Cooper.

And the bonus one…

A famous painting… ANSWER: The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

How did you do?

Let us know if you think you got all of the quiz questions right. Or if not, which ones did you struggle with?

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