Pubs to Open Monday in Australia

In the last post I commented on the possibility of the pubs being reopened.

“No, sadly not. Sorry folks. I am beginning to think that this one will never happen. Let’s face it. The last thing the politicians and councillors want is people socialising over a few scoops while dissecting their pathetic performance…”

Well, I just heard that the pubs are supposedly reopening this Monday. Wow! Finally there is some real common sense after all the crap. Of course I will be checking this out – in the interests of research. I happened to catch a bit of the “news” which I don’t really bother with too much these days. There is a catch however. The pubs can only allow a maximum of 50 people to enter. Once again I will be researching this on Monday and reporting my findings right here.

Second Wave?

While seemingly doing the right thing the government are warning us all that we need to be vigilant as there may be a “second wave”. No, we are not talking surfing here. They mean a “second wave” of coronavirus! Who the f*#k are they trying to kid? There hasn’t even been a first wave – in Australia.

If there is anything and they start calling it “the second wave” it will just be normal seasonal flu. Because we are now in that season down-under. But it will be interesting to see what happens…


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