Another Great Ale Tale

At the risk of seeming to be turning into an alcoholic here are some more craft ales I have been sampling. Strictly for the research purposes of course, and definitely not becoming an uncontrollable habit. Although I think I will make this a regular feature. Say, a weekly update? What do you think?

One From WA

That’s Western Australia. A Freemantle based brewing enterprise produces this one. Nicely named and that simple beer can design that seems to grab my attention.

Atomic IPA Beer Project

The Gage Road Brewing Company also put this on the side of the can: “Bold upfront pine aromas, zesty citrus & tropical fruit characters, balanced with subtle malt and a lingering bitterness”. Hey! That’s exactly what I was going to say. A very nice IPA.

Mad Cow Beer?

This one comes in a simple can design and with a daft name. There’s two photos of it here just to show the whole concept (now there’s an arty word!). Who’s not gonna try this one eh? Pretty good beer actually.

What’s in here?
It’s Moo Brew Pale Ale

Dani’s Pick – It’s a Biggie!

When you let a six year old choose your beer for you then you can expect the worst. Or at least the unexpected. Right? That is exactly what happened with this rascal from the aptly named Feral Brewing Co..

Biggie Juice XPA

Now as you may already realise I would have overlooked this one as the garish design would have been seen as an unnecessary distraction. Dani on the other hand thought it looked great and made me buy it. And guess what? It tastes great too – as most of the XPA types seem to.

So it’s a big-up to Biggie Juice! As if to prove the point this one was sold out on our next visit. They have several similarly scary beer can designs on offer but I intend to wait a while before trying more of the Feral brews.

Genuine Lockdown Beer – Really

These tinnies caught my eye immediately. Of course all beers being sold these days are for lockdown but these have taken it to that next level. Now anyone who has read this blog will know I could not be more against this “lockdown” nonsense that has been spiralling out of control across the globe. But I did see the funny side to these and, let’s be honest, there is  also a touch of marketing genius. I have no intention of trying the lager as I am sure it will just be like piss. However, that Pale Ale may be worth a try… More on that one as and when…

Lock-In Lager
Stay Home Pale Ale

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