Last Weekend of Autumn

Winter is officially here. In this part of the southern hemisphere at least.

Glenbrook – Gateway to the Blue Mountains

Well that’s what I heard on one radio channel. The 1st of June really is the start of winter here. This last weekend of Autumn, the final one of May, we took off to the Blue Mountains again. Only to the first port of call which is the small town of Glenbrook. A great little place you could call the gateway to the Blue Mountains.

This Angelic looking kid moaned almost all the way here and all of the way back.
Dani on the Jellybean track

The mountains start here. One hour from the eastern suburbs where we are living.

The City just visible in the distance.

I didn’t realise how perfect the reflections were on the pool until I looked at the photos.  Amazing symmetrical photos without even trying hahaaa…

Jellybean Pool
Perfect Reflection.

There are a surprising number of places to eat and drink in Glenbrook. We went to 2773 where the sign says it all. These mountains really are a great place and Glenbrook is ideal. I could live here…

The sign says it all

Quick Visit to North Head

Sunday was a little more cloudy – for half of the day. We headed for Manly and the North Head. Unfortunately the Quarantine Head area was closed off. (See previous post on South Head here) Incredibly the place designed for disease quarantine – the like of which we have supposedly just had – seems to have been closed to the public because of this virus shit. You couldn’t make it up.

The view over to South Head and into the Sydney Harbour and the CBD is fantastic. Many people park up for a picnic and watch the boats coming and going while admiring the view.  The view form this side is more impressive than form South Head. This is another area that needs more exploration…

View from North Head

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