Six Year Old’s Bucket List?

Walking back from school the other day we got talking about Darwin. Not sure how that started but I can definitely remember how it ended.

Darwin on his mind…

I think we were talking about places in Australia that I like. Dani seems to think I only like the Blue Mountains but that’s not true. I like everywhere we have been outside of Sydney. It is Sydney itself I am not too keen on. It’s just a big city thing I guess…

Anyway, Dani seemed to have something on his mind so I let him go… (so to speak).

Have you ever been to Darwin dad?
Darwin would be nice. You wouldn’t like it though. It’s not like the Blue Mountains.
Well it’s a big town I suppose. I think I might like it.
It’s a city dad. It’s in the mmmm… what’s that state called?…Oh yeah Northern Territory
That’s right. Well done. How do you know that?
I want to go there.
OK. Why are you so interested in going to Darwin?
It’s on my bucket list
WHAT??!! (trying to laugh only to myself)
Do you know what a bucket list is?
Yes, I know what a bucket list is. Do you now what the bucket is?
Yes it’s things you want to do before you die.
OK. Well you are only six, so no rush eh?
I want to see mum. She will be so scared if she sees a crocodile. (laughs)

So now I know why he wants to go there. And he hasn’t even seen Crocodile Dundee. Naturally I told him that just going to Darwin would not guarantee seeing crocodiles. He knew – obviously (eyes roll upwards).

For the record I also want to go to Darwin. I told Dani that and said we could maybe go on his next school holidays if inter-state travel is allowed. He agreed that was a great idea so there it was. Next school holiday trip planned. Well, decided at least.

Then Iceland…

Then he says:

Have you ever been to Iceland dad?
The country or the shop (knowing he wouldn’t get that joke)
Eh? Have you been in that hot water pool near the volcano that is hot even in winter?
Actually Dan yes I have. It was freezing outside running from the changing rooms but the water was very warm.
Wow. I want to go. That is on my bucket list too.
Nice one mate. But Iceland is a very long way from here. But at least you have time on your side.
Yeah. I know. (Happy little ‘bucket lister’)

So there you have it my six year old son has two more things on his bucket list than I do. Mine being empty…

Now for this one…

And tomorrow we are off on holidays. Dani just finished school term 2. Off for three weeks. We are heading north almost as far as we can without going into Queensland. Byron Bay in fact. For about ten days. More on that anon…

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