Weekly (ish) Aussie Beer Update

OK folks here is another Aussie craft beer update from Sydney, Australia.

‘Stay Home’ beer

First of all let’s recap on one mentioned in the previous beer related post (see here). The coronavirus/covid19 inspired offering from the Endeavour beer company. This one is their pale ale offering called ‘Stay Home’. 

Yes I think the message is clear. Stay home and drink more beer. Quite a clever ploy in these so called “unprecedented times”. The beer can is a clear aluminium tin with stick on labels. Like most bottled beers do it. I am sure they just knocked together a quick batch or two and thought, ‘let’s get this one out there with a catchy label to capture the times’. Clever idea. And who knows? these may become collectable when all this virus crap blows over (if that ever happens!). This is actually a decent and an easy to drink beer. 

Stay Home pale ale by Endeavour Brewing Co.

The Endeavour Brewing Co. are based at The Rocks in the city centre and have a fair selection of ales. This Stay Home pale ale is one of three limited release beers they have recently released. The others are ‘Lock in Lager’ (based on the virus lockdown thing again, but a lager) and Stacked IPA which I am particularly looking forward to trying. More from them later…

The Endeavour Tap House – Pub and Brewery

What is a TPA ?

OK a quick rundown/recap. There’s Lager, Pale Ale, IPA (India Pale Ale) and as we have seen there is also XPA (Extra Pale Ale).  But what the f*#k is a TPA? Apparently it stands for Tropical Pale Ale. Personally I think they are taking the proverbial but I was willing to try it. And….

Six Strings TPA

Sorry. Not for me. It almost tastes like a mix of lager and pale ale. I am sure it is quite refreshing in the summer months but not as tasty as the IPA/XPA family of ales. This one is by Six Strings Brewing Co. which is based in a small town called Erina in the Central Coast area (which is just over an hour’s drive north of Sydney – about half way to Newcastle).

While this particular brew was not to my taste, they also make several types of IPA including a few ‘dark red’ IPAs. So l will just do the Arnie thing and say “I’ll be back”…

Colonial Pale Ale

I had seen their yellow tinned IPA but when I was shopping the other day I only saw this pale ale offering from the Colonial Brewing Co. based all the way over in Margaret River Western Australia. Now also with a brewery in Melbourne. 

Colonial Pale Ale

This pale ale is easy to drink with a slightly bitter after-taste that lingers – but in a nice way. I quite like this one, so I am sure that I am going to love their IPA. More on this to come..

By the way, I love the full tear off lid (deliberately left in the picture). It reminds me of a Japanese lager that used to do that . Now what beer was it? I am sure someone can tell me. Colonial Brewing have said the American supplier of their full tear-off lid have stopped production and that they will revert to a standard can opening until they can locate another source. Shame, but I am sure they will sort it. Good luck with that one guys. 

And now for something completely different….

Well sort of… But still very much beer related. Colonial Beer. How is that offensive? Apparently some idiots seem to think it is and are calling for the company to change its name. Yes that is correct – a sure sign of these ridiculous times… Well I am sure you can already guess where I stand on that one. 

News reports state that one particular bottle shop (off licence/liquor store) in the Melbourne area called ‘Blackhearts and Sparrows’ has stopped selling the Colonial Beer Company’s ales. Well my message to anyone living in Melbourne is simple: “STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY at Blackhearts and Sparrows!”

The way I see it is this: These people who are trying to impose all this so called “cancel culture” are really a minority. A very loud and in your face minority admittedly, but still, they do not represent the majority. Not at all. So if enough of the rest of us counter their stupid misdirected anger then they lose. It really is that simple. I also think that all other independent breweries should rally around Colonial on this one. 

That means also – in my case at least – that I am gong to buy Colonial Beer. Mainly for all the obvious reasons however. Because it’s actually quite good. 

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