Six Months Up

We have been in Australia for six months now so I thought it was a good time for a little reflection on the past six months. In fact yesterday marked the six month period. We had our first full day here on January 25th.

I have just checked by reading the blog posts and noticed that only a few days later they were talking about quarantining items being shipped into the country and stopping flights etc… The panic part of this ‘planned-demic’ was just about to kick off.

We were lucky we came when we did. Or should that be unlucky? It depends which way you look at it. It’s a double edged sword that one. IT has certainly been a very odd period in everyone’s lives and even in history.

Six of one…

On the one hand we seem to have a much easier “lockdown” time of it over here. Much better than Spain or UK. Australia never really had a proper lockdown as I have pointed out in the past. In fact this country has had no pandemic or even a bad flu season out of this corona crap. Again, I have pointed that one out a few times too.

We have still managed to get out and about quite a lot – considering. Anyone who regularly reads these blog posts will know that we – and Dani in particular – have been able to see and do lots of things; which was one of the main reasons for coming over here.

Half a dozen of the other…

If we had stayed in Europe we could have at least been in the same town and country and friends and family. But would we have been able to see them that much? Initially during the lock-downs it seems not. 
On the other hand we are kind of stuck in Australia. That may not be viewed as a bad thing of course. But what it really means is that if we leave to visit family – say over Christmas – then we will not be allowed to re-enter Australia because they are (supposedly) only allowing Australian citizens to enter. Basically we are allowed to leave but not re-enter. It also means that none of our family or friends can come over and visit. It would be nice to have that choice. Both form our point of view and anyone who wants to come over here to visit. Sadly at the moment we do not have those freedoms.

The authorities seem to be dragging this thing out don’t they? There is no telling when all of this is going to come to an end either. Or is there?… 

I think I can see when this will really end. I am going to make a bold prediction about all this at the end of the week so stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Six Months Up

  1. Apart from us not being able to go over to visit you (or vice versa) I’d say you definitely got lucky to be ‘quarantined over there!

    1. Yes I think I know that too. That said it would be good for all of us to have the choice wouldn’t it? But it seems many of those freedoms we took for granted are disappearing. Maybe never to return. Well, maybe not until November hehehe

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