The Coon Cheese Saga

Well hardly a saga. But as part of the black lives matter “protests” a dairy company here in Australia has decided to rename one of its oldest brands of cheese.


They have been making and selling a brand of cheese called ‘Coon Cheese’ since 1888 (or something like that). So why change now?. We are told,  they have been put under pressure to change its name because… well you can probably guess. There will be no end to this now.

The “Offensive” Cheese.

The cheese is actually named after the man who first made it. American Edward William Coon who, according to their website, patented a unique ripening process that was used to manufacture their original cheese. It’s the guy’s surname for crying out loud!

The brand of cheese is owned by a company called Saputo Dairy Australia.The company has caved in to the noisy mob. The noisy minority. Meanwhile the silent majority either already know and understand that the name of the cheese is and never was meant to be offensive. Or they just don’t care because it is only the name of a cheese anyway. Either way I believe they are now alienating far more people than if they just continued with their well-established product name.

Pathetic and Bullying

The problem with things like this is that these idiots just come after you (and others) for more. Every time they are handed a “victory” like this one they will not stop. This is pathetic. If you are like me you will no longer buy their newly named product. At best this is a sad time.

You know when you try to explain bullying to your kids? You know how you try to tell your kids how to deal with bullies and not let them win? Well while companies like this are caving in to these bullies you can forget all that crap can’t you? Just tell your kids to do exactly what the bullies want for fuck sake! This shit just makes me very angry. Grrr… (As you can probably tell.)


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