Lego Braille Bricks: Great. But what am I missing here?

Here’s an odd one. I have just read about this and I can’t quite work out why these bricks are needed.

Lego Braille Bricks – Hmmm?

The Lego company has released some new bricks with Braille characters on them. Check out this website:

Aren’t there already braille blocks of some sort? Just as there are wooden blocks with letters painted on them for toddlers who can see. Surely there are already plenty of learning aids for Braille just as there are for any other language or alphabet.

Also isn’t Lego already a tactile toy? Why does it need letters of the alphabet in Braille? What am i missing here? Seriously. I am not being cruel here by saying that I don’t really understand the need for these bricks. Possibly a little naive – granted.

Anyone know?

So can anyone tell me: Are there not already some kind of Braille bricks/blocks already out there? What other Braille learning aids are there? or have there been?

Louis Braille

The Braille system of tactile letters and numbers to help blind people read and write (and do maths) was first invented by the man it was named after – Louis Braille – back in 1824. So, although it needed to be perfected and modified over the next few years that system has been around for nearly two centuries. It is an amazing system and I can clearly recall learning about it many years ago when I was my son’s age (so half a century ago!) in the infants school. I distinctly remember thinking how amazing it was.

Dani knows about it too, but not through school. His Spanish grandmother explained it to him because he had noticed the braille characters on lift (elevator) buttons and on buses.

Nothing wrong with Lego…

However, again, I do wonder… why on earth do we suddenly need Lego Braille bricks? Lego is a great toy. The best, obviously. It is already a tactile learning tool in its own right. I just can’t see the connection. And absolutely no puns intended there!!! There is nothing wrong with what Lego have done here but I am amazed that there was this gap in the market for such learning tools. I suppose they do say that the simplest ideas often get overlooked

Still, if it introduces more kids who are visually impaired to a great children’s toy then that has to be good eh?

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