Could this be better than any Covid Vaccine? – For those of a certain age

We know they are all scrambling to make a coronavirus vaccine. Many countries and many pharma companies are all hard at it as I type.

We also know that those between the ages of (say) early teens, like 14, to around 50 years old are not even at risk. Virtually nobody of that age has been dying from it. Hardly anyone in that age range has even had the disease and if they did they probably didn’t know about it.

What about the sharks? I hear you cry….

Here in Australia that is the age range for serious surfers. Yes folks, those people that love to get out on the ocean, bobbing around and actually catching the occasional wave. I have pointed out before that more surfers have died from shark attacks (who are obviously the most at risk form sharks)  in recent months in Australia than Covid, – among that age group. The actual figures are something like; Shark attacks, several – Covid, ZERO. So here is something that will be far more useful than any big pharma vaccine. Check out this video from as far back as 1966.

The greatest ideas are often the simplest

Now where can one buy that shark repellent Bat-spray? As daft as it sounds that product would save more lives (in that certain age range) in Australia than any virus vaccine. A great product that could surely be applied at the same time as waxing down the board? Not sure how that explosive effect would go down with the shark lovers though. Hmm… I am sure the product has come a long way since 1966 though…

“Oh, be serious! You sarcastic old fool of an old dad” I hear you scream. Well, when it comes to taking the piss, just remember folks; they started it!

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