A Piss-up in a Brewery – sort of.

Before we left Byron Bay I did manage to do something I had tried (and failed) to do in the past. I had a ‘piss-up in a brewery’.

Stone & Wood

The Stone & Wood brewery is quite a large setup now. They have three sites. One in Brisbane one in Murwillumbah and the one near our campsite in Byron Bay. That Murwillumbah looks like a nice spot. It’s inland about half way up to Queensland and sits on the River Tweed overlooking Mount Warning. Must try and get there next time we are up this way. But for now, back the brewery…

I was reading on their website about their philosophy. They have this idea of a ‘village brewery’ thing going on. Basically, way back in old Europe every village had a little brewery and the village brewer was as important as the village baker or village butcher. Yeah I get that. Great. Nice idea etc… But just give me some beer. I am not driving and want to get a few down me. So no time for chit-chat and forget the “tour” (which you pay extra for). Just show me the beers!

Part of the brewing process area
Inside the brewing area

The place was very busy. Very popular indeed. Some were there for the tour. Others just for the tasting. One or two – like me – were there to get drunk. They even have a little restaurant area so there are no excuses for drinking on an empty stomach.

The Beers

This place being spread over three brewing sites means they have a fair range of brews. From lagers (and lager-like pish) through to dark ales. I took a tasting paddle of five different ales. Dani’s mum had the same. Dani was happy with water, which I have to say, is actually the right choice. But then again, I was in a brewery and kind of on a mission.

After trying those I went back for a couple of larger glasses of two I also wanted to try. Then a couple more. By this time it was getting dark so we had to think about heading back. But then, all of a sudden it was dark. So what the heck. Time for a couple more.

Tasting Paddle for five beers
The Menu. I tried to taste all those that took my fancy.


As usual with these breweries some of their ales are better than others. Everyone has their own tastes etc.. So there were the odd ones where I think they have tried a little too hard. Meanwhile the simple beers were just perfect. For me the Fixation Obsession was the best one. I could have easily stayed and had a few more but I would have been a bit drunk if I had. Anyway we had a little boy to get safely home… I wouldn’t mind more of this sort of afternoon out though, as and when I get the chance.

The Stone & Wood Byron Bay brewery is apparently where they make their experimental, untested pilot batches. I wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig for those.

By the way if you haven’t read it – click here – to see the post about my previous attempts to organise a piss up in a brewery – before all the lockdown crap…


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