Telegram Sam – Still The Main Man, it seems

Telegram Sam

The other day while listening to a playlist I have on my iPod, that old T.Rex song ‘Telegram Sam’ came on. Dani’s ears pricked up. He asked what it was – which generally means he liked the sound of it. When I told him he went through the usual; “What? Telegram Sam? Who sings it?”

When I told him the name of the group he thought that was great too. Why not? Given the chance, all kids would surely be interested in a group called T.Rex, right?

New T.Rex fan

Now the music of T.Rex has a new fan. I have known that particular track ever since it came out of course but needed to look it up to find exactly when it was released. It turns out that the song was written in 1971 and released in January 1972. I was seven year old at the time. Dani’s seventh birthday is almost exactly one month from now.

So he has discovered T.Rex, and in particular Telegram Sam, at the same age as I did. It just goes to show that great music is age-less. Or is it timeless? Well I am sure you know what I mean.

He asked me to add it to his playlist. I might just throw in 20th Century Boy and Children of the Revolution (and maybe a few others) for good measure.


I have so much to write about from his school holidays (which end tomorrow) but I am struggling for some inexplicable some reason. I need to sort that out and quick…

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