Train from Sydney to Broken Hill, Video: Part One – Sydney to Lithgow

OK. I managed to put together a full video of the trip from Sydney to Broken Hill but it was simply too big to load to the blog site. The only thing I can do is to break it down into several parts.

Here is part one. It covers the journey from Sydney to the west side of Lithgow. The other parts will hopefully follow over the next few days.

But First the Excuses…

I guess that this sort of thing is only for the die-hard reader or those with a huge interest in travel.  (Although that said, this and the related videos may just put you off LOL.) Apologies for the poor quality of some of the footage but the lens on my mobile phone was damaged and it took me a while to realise as much. Even then I still managed to take footage with the wrong lens again… Ah well, hopefully this (and the videos to follow) gives you a flavour of the long train ride that is the Outback Xplorer to Broken Hill


If you haven’t already read the detailed posts about the journey…
Hopefully these videos will compliment the two part blog post of the journey. You can read part one here and part two here.


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