Christmas? Already?

OK. Not exactly Christmas already. Christmas is still and always will be on 25th day of December. What I mean is that Christmas decorations are already hanging in the shopping centres here in Sydney. Yes really!

Not even waiting till after Halloween?

Normally you would expect Halloween to be out of the way. Right? In the USA that certainly used to be the case. Is it still? In the UK too. Then another five days – minimum – as Bonfire Night (aka Guy Fawkes night) is on 5th November. So the UK would (or should) expect another five days after Halloween before the onslaught of Christmas.

But here in the shopping centre we visited today the Christmas decorations were hanging all over the place. And some shops too were making space for all the Christmas trees, decorations and all sorts of things Christmassy (is that a word?).

Decorations hanging through all the floors of the shopping centre. For this occasion my almost useless mobile phone came in handy. The wide angle lens is the one that still works.

Shops are taking up a lot of space already for Christmas stuff…
Multiple floors of the shopping centre adorned with Christmas decorations. Already!

Too Early.

Come on folks. Tell me is I am wrong here but this is surely way too early. Isn’t it? We are only in mid October for crying out loud! This is not a ‘Bah! Humbug’ moment is it?

Is this normal in Oz? Or are they trying to make up for the (supposed) misery of the covid-con this year?


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  1. Definitely going to be a trend, I think, as they’re putting decorations up earlier over here. As you say trying to nullify the real world.

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